Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)



Shivaji University is committed to meet the Educational, Social, Cultural & Economic needs of the region and the nation to create a just and Humane Society.


We are dedicated to promote and foster a culture of high quality teaching and learning and to serve societal needs by encouraging, generating and promotion excellence in research and extension activities.

Core Values
  • Excellence
  • Inclusiveness
  • Quality
  • Patriotism
  • Dignity of labor
  • Discovery
  • Accountability  
  • Ethics
  • Humane
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Internationalization
  • Sustainability
  • Responsiveness
  • Democracy
  • To make relentless efforts for the spread of university education among classes and communities, which are socially and educationally underprivileged.
  • To make special provision and for disseminating knowledge and promoting arts and culture in rural areas.
  • To supervise and control the conduct and discipline of the students of the university and to make arrangements for promoting their health and general welfare.
  • To create a fine band of capable young researchers/teachers with great thirst for knowledge and scientific curiosity.
  • To promote the study and research of the Marathi language and the history of Maharashtra.
  • To provide opportunities to the University community to reach his/her highest personnel and professional capability.
  • To develop the personality and character of students by value education.

Sustenance Through Quality Inculcation

Quality Policy

Uncompromising adherence to values and implementation of high quality educational programmes and healthy practices with a view to creating and developing a large and rich pool of selfless young men and women, capable of ensuing for themselves a decent livelihood and meeting the growing needs of a developing society.


Quality Initatives by IQAC 


2014-15 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019
  1. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  2. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  3. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  4. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  5. Alumni meet .
  6. Outcome based modular syllabus
  7. Vachan Katta (Reference: AQAR 2015-16 Accepted by NAAC)
  8. Updation of Green Audit (Reference: AQAR 2015-16 Accepted by NAAC)
  9. Sensitization towards the CPE Scheme (Reference: AQAR 2015-16 Accepted by NAAC)
  10. Teaching Computer Skills for Visually Impaired Students (Reference: AQAR 2015-16 Accepted by NAAC)
  11. Sensitization towards  NAAC Accreditation (Reference: AQAR 2015-16 Accepted by NAAC)
  12. Taking Stock/Analytics of Revision of Curriculum (Reference: AQAR 2015-16 Accepted by NAAC)
  13. Research policy Formulation  (Reference: AQAR 2015-16 Accepted by NAAC)
  1. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  2. NRF sensitization amongst stakeholders 
  3. NIRF Workshop with University Officers
  4. Strategic Plan to Improve NIRF Rank
  5. Teaching Learning Methods
  6. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  7. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  8. Joint Board Vice Chancellors Preparatory meeting on Quality Aspects
  9. Joint workshop of the Principals/Management of Engineering Colleges
  10. Meeting of Unaided Engineering Colleges of Principals and Member of Management 
  11. Easier pattern for Examination revaluation (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  12. Granthmahotsav, February  23 to 25, 2016, over 50,000 visitors (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  13. National Youth Parliament Competitions, September 3, 2016 (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  14. Encouraging the researchers for state level state level Avishkar research festival.
    January 18, 2016,  43 students and faculty members participated (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  15. First textile incubator launched,  January 21, 2016 (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  16. Launching Art Gallery for showcasing 20th century Kolhapur artist. August 28, 2015 (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  17. Setting up of Virtual Classroom, functional on June 26, 2016 (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  18. Submission of proposals for GIAN Programme submitted 13 proposals, 7 were granted (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  19. MoU with C-DAC, 1st April 2016 (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  20. MoU with South Korean Chonnam National University (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  21. MoU with Dhatu Tantra Prabodhini (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  22. MoU with Department of Biotechnology (DBT) (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  23. MoUs with IGTR Aurangabad (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  24. Skill/Job Fair, March 2-3, 2016, More than 5000 students benefitted (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  25. Workshop on Research Methodology for Research on Political Thoughts & Thinkers was organized at Department of Political Science on July 22, 2015 (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  26. One Day Basic Training Programme on Human Rights was organized at Department of Law during August 22, 2015 (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  27. Blood Donation Camp was organized at Deptt. of Political Science/Gandhian Studies on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti on October 1, 2015. (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  28. Swacchata Abhiyan was organized throughout the University on October 2, 2015. (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  29. AIU West Zone Vice-Chancellor's meet, November 26-27, 2015 (Ref. AQAR 2015-16)
  1. Training Programme for Administrative Staff 
    Sub : Stress Management
  2. Training Programme for Administrative Staff 
    Sub : Financial Management
  3. New Education Policy 2016: Faculty Development in Higher Education
  4. Training Programme for Administrative Staff
  5. Trainers Training –Infosys Mysore
  6. Workshop on “New Education Policy-2016- Faculty Development in Higher Education”
  7. Meeting of Principals/Directors of Affiliated Colleges and Recognized Institutes regarding NAAC accreditation
  8. Workshop on “Enhancing Research Output at State Universities in Maharashtra” under the auspicious of Globalization of Higher Education, Ministry of Higher & Technical Education
  9. Meeting of TPOs of Engineering Colleges for Dewang Mehta Excellence Award (NASSCOM)
  10. Administrative excellence NAAC Accreditation Awareness amongst affiliated colleges
  11. National Conference on Impact of Assessment and Accreditation on Higher Professional Institutes
  12. Enhancing Research Output in State Universities in Maharashtra
  13. Enhancing Quality through NAAC process
  14. Academic and Administrative Audit 
  15. One Day Workshop on Bibliometric Analysis
  16. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  17. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  18. Quality Initiatives for Stakeholders
  19. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  20. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  21. IQAC Meeting with Internationally reputed Quality Professionals, 30th November, 2016 (Ref. AQAR 2016-17)
  22.  Analysis of NAAC Accreditation results of various affiliated colleges, 30 November 2016 (Ref. AQAR 2016-17)
  23. Implementation of Online AQAR (Ref. AQAR 2016-17)
  24. ISO Certification (Ref. AQAR 2016-17)
  25. Analysis of Committees constituted for Academic and Administrative Audit, 23rd May 2017. (Ref. AQAR 2016-17)
  26. New NAAC QIF (Ref. AQAR 2016-17)
  27. Action on Student’s feedback (Ref. AQAR 2016)
  28. Virtual Classroom facility (Ref. AQAR 2016-17)
  29. Facilities for Divyang students (Ref. AQAR 2016-2017)
  30. Examination reforms (Ref. AQAR 2016-17)
  31. Research Colloquium (Ref. AQAR 2016-2017)
  32. Digital Empowerment of Rural India (Ref. AQAR 2016-17)
  1. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  2. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  3. Workshop on “Programme Outcomes (Pos), Course Outcomes (Cos), Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)
  4. Meeting of NAAC “A” Grade Colleges/Institutes of Principals/Directors
  5. Workshop on “Information Session of “New NAAC QIF” for All Faculty Members of the Departments/Centres/Chairs/Support Services and All Principals/Directors of all affiliated Colleges/Recognized Institutes.
  6. Research sensitization
  7. Erasmus+
  8. Innovative Teaching-Learning Practices in Higher Education
  9. Choice Based Credit System
  10. Joint Board of Vice-Chancellors (JBVC) Action taken report
  11. Workshop on Program Outcomes(Pos), Course Outcomes(COs) and Programme Specific Outcomes(PSOs) (single page document with only title) 
  12. One Day Workshop on Swayam and MOOCS
  13. Workshop on NAAC QIF
  14. Outcome Based Education 
  15. International Conference on Curriculum Reforms in Higher Education: Global Scenario    
  16. One Day workshop on Examination Reforms
  17. Academic and Administrative Audit
  18. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  19. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  20. Workshop on “Inculcating Value System in Students : Pedagogical Practices in Higher Education “
  21. Workshop on Information session on ‘New NAAC Quality Indicator framework for Permanent Non-Aided Traditional Colleges affiliated to Shivaji University
  22. Workshop on Learning Management System for Departmental NAAC Coordinator
  23. Lead college activities at Willington College Sangli 
  24. Lead college activities at Rajarambapu College of Pharmacy  Sangli 
  25. Brain Storming Session with Faculty on SWOC analysis
  26. ISO Certification
  27. New NAAC Framework for non-aided colleges
  28. Publication Review Meeting NAAC Coordinators workshop
  29. Employability Skill Assessment
  30. Learning Management System
  31. Initiated analysis of Student Feedback (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  32. Finalization of Questionnaires for Feedback from Alumni (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  33. Finalization of employer feedback form (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  34. Finalization of Feedback Form for Parents (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  35. Initiated analysis of Examination results (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  36. Updation of Research policy (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  37. Sensitization of IPR issues and organized the workshop through International Affairs Cell. (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  38. Prepared manual for maintenance of physical infrastructure (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  39. Implemented. Capability enhancement schemes (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  40. Placement activities organized in the University Campus. (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  41. Meetings of alumni association organized Department wise (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  42. Strategic plan carried out in the form of Institutional Development Plan sought by RUSA (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  43. Training programs organized for administrative staff (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  44. Development of mobile app and digital forms prepared (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  45. Separate portal of IQAC made operational (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  46. Organized workshop in collaboration with Department of Education on “Innovative Teaching-Learning Practices in Higher Education” (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  47. Preparation for student satisfaction survey: modalities regarding sensitization of the student satisfaction survey initiated (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  48. POs, COs and PSOs and their attainment initiated at departmental level (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  49. Initiated the organization of value-added courses in departments imparting transferable and life skills (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  50. Encouraged Department-wise Parent Meet (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  51. Started compilation of reports of the Student Mentoring Scheme (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  52. Research Colloquium Committee constituted by the University as a part of Innovation Ecosystem (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  53. Compilation of report on Capability enhancement and development schemes Guidance for competitive examinations (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  54. Data Capture sheets converted into web form for the fourth cycle of the NAAC reaccreditation (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  55. Report of the campus placement analyzed and the corrective action communicated to the Placement Officer. (Ref. AQAR 2017-18)
  1. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  2. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  3. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  4. IQAC meeting (Minutes and Action Taken Report)
  5. SWAYAM Implementation 
  6. A Meeting on Challenge Level Funding by RUSA 
  7. Workshop on Student-Centric Teaching Learning Methods 
  8. Innovation and Incubation 
  9. Two days e-Content Development workshop
  10. NAAC Sponsored one day National Seminar on “ Revised Accreditation Framework of NAAC
  11. Three days workshop on ‘Faculty development workshop on NAAC: Revised Accreditation Framework (RAF) for Principals / IQAC Coordinator of Affiliated colleges  
  12. Innovation and Incubation
  13. Workshop on Writing Laboratories
  14. Career and Skill Development: One Day Visit to high school & Junior College 
  15. Incubation Ignition Program
  16. NIRF strategy
  17. QIF Software
  18. FDC in Cyber Security & Data Science
  19. Innovation Incubation & Linkages
  20. Alumni Coordination
  21. One Day Field Training at Chappal Line Kolhapur
  22. Presentiblity of Quality
  23. One day e-content development Workshop
  24. Showcasing NAAC Presentations
  25. Fourth cycle of NAAC Preparation
  26. Criteria wise Meeting
  27. Students, Parents, Teachers and Administrators Staff Welfare Scheme
  28. Internal Audit of ISO 9001:2015
  29. Meeting with Support Services
  30. ISO – 9001-2015 Audit Stage – I
  31. ISO – 9001-2015 Audit Stage – II
  32. ISO – 9001-2015 Stage – II (Internal Auditors Meeting)
  33. ISO – 9001-2015 Stage – II (HOD’s Meeting)
  34. ISO – 9001-2015  Stage – II Opening Meeting
  35. ISO – 9001-2015  Stage – II Closing Meeting
  36. Departmental NAAC Coordinator Meeting for Criterion wise Information 
  37. Departmental Placement officer Meeting
  38. NAAC Action Plan
  39. SUOBE 
  40. University Profile Meeting
  41. Hands on Patent Filing Workshop 
  42. University Website Streamlining
  43. Workshop on Professional Ethics and Soft Skills
  44. University Administrative Staff Awareness Program
  45.  Class-I and Class-II Officers meeting 
  46. NAAC Coordinator Review meeting
  47. SSR Presentation Meeting
  48. Academic and Administrative Audit
  49. Value education and Skill Development under Lead college Activity



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