Intellectual Property Rights Cell (IPR Cell)


About IPR Cell


Shivaji University has a proud history of research, innovation, design, development, and dissemination of technologies, processes, and products. Research is known to be the thrust of the university education system, exploring new ideas for creation of new knowledge and finally using the research outcome for the betterment of society and mankind. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is important for higher education institutions, as it protects the Intellectual Property (IP) of stakeholders created through research and development. The scope of IPR has increased from just patents to all types of IPs such as copyright, GI, Trademark, Design, etc. to protect all forms of human creativity in every field.

The scope of IPR is not just limited to science and technology but all faculties on the campus, such as a) Humanities, b) Commerce and Management, c) Science and Technology, and d) Interdisciplinary Studies. In view of this and considering the importance of formally protecting the intellectual property of the teachers, staff and students, the university has established IPR cell. The importance of IPR for universities has been highlighted through its weightage in NIRF ranking, NAAC, and NBA accreditation process.  
The purpose of the IPR cell is to facilitate, encourage, promote and safeguard scientific inquiry, research pursuits and the academic freedom of its faculty, researchers and students. IPR cell conducts activities to provide a clear understanding of the rights and responsibilities of the faculty, staff, and students to protect their IP’s generated through research work. IPR cell is working towards creating an innovative culture which fosters the creation of IP and development of IPR at the University. Shivaji University has a IPR management policy and has established procedure for converting the knowledge generated to wealth. The IPR cell ensures the speedy processing and filling of applications for patents, designs, copyrights etc. 


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