About SUK
Mandatory Disclosure
Format of information to be publish on the website (Please fill information, as applicable) Present Status/ Concerned Section
1) About HEI/University  
a)About us: Overview https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/about-us
•  Name of the University: Shivaji University, Vidyanagar, Kolhapur
•  Address of the university: Shivaji University,
Vidyanagar, Kolhapur- 416 004.
Maharashtra, INDIA.
•  Telephone No. email id Telephone (EPABX) No.: + 91 - 0231- 2609000
TOLL FREE NUMBER :- 1800-233-4871
•  Website Link: https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/
b)    Act and Statutes or MoA (provide link ) https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/Administration/act-documents
•  Initially Submitted DPR: (in case of a self- financed university) Not Applicable
•  Compliance of the DPR so far: (in case of a self- financed university) Not Applicable
•  Previous Year’s Annual Report (provide Link) Click Here
c)  Institutional Development Plan (Next Five year ) Perspective Plan   IDP in progress
•  Constituent Units/other campus (Wherever applicable) Not applicable
d)  AISHE code U-0325
•  Link to the proforma DCF-I
e)  Accreditation / Ranking (NAAC, NIRF) Details of IQAC (act 6(7)) https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/naac/Accreditation-Report-And-Action-Plan
•   NAAC  A++ with CGPA 3.52
•  Accreditation status: NAAC (act 6 (6))


•  Validity of Accreditation: March 30, 2026
•  AQAR: (provide Link ) https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/naac/NAAC-AQAR
•  SSR (provide Link ) https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/naac/NAAC-Self-Study-Report
•   NBA Not accredited 
•  Number of courses with NBA accreditation Nil
•  Number of courses eligible for NBA accreditation Department of Technology Programmes
•  Number of Courses for which applied for NBA Accreditation 11 Programmes
•   Ranking Nil
•  NIRF Ranking : NIRF Ranking List (Rank Band 151-200)
•  Application : https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/naac/NIRF-DATA
•  Other Rankings (if any )  
2)     Trust (whom so ever applicable for) Not Applicable
•  Name and address of the /sponsoring body / Trust/Society/Company and the Trustees (if Any) ----
•  Address including Telephone, Mobile, E-Mail -----
3)     Administration (Profiles with photographs)  
•  University/HEI Organogram Chart https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/uploads/suk/2020/Organogram.xlsx
• Chancellor https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/Honorable-Chancellor
•  Vice Chancellor https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/Honorable-Vice-Chancellor
•  Pro-Vice-Chancellor (wherever applicable) https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/Honorable-Pro-Vice-Chancellor
•  Registrar https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/Registrar-Desk
•  Finance Officer https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/Organization-Structure#officers
•  Controller of Examination https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/Organization-Structure#officers
•  Chief Vigilance Officer https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/Organization-Structure#officers
•  Executive Council, Academic Council, Board of Studies, Finance Committee https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/Academic-Council
•  Academic Leadership (Dean/ HoD of Schools/ Departments/ Centers) https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/Board-of-Deans
4)     Profile of Vice Chancellor/Director/Principal Hon. VC Profile
5)     Academics PG Admission
•   Academic Programs https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/Academic_Programs/LIST-OF-PROGRAMS-OFFERED-ON-CAMPUS
a)  Names of the schools/ Divisions /departments /centers


b)  Total Number of programs under each school link from pg admission
c)  Internship and placement (program wise (table 2))

Campus placements in 2022/23 -  252 students
Minimum salary -  Rs. 1.44.000/- PA
Maximum Salary - Rs. 4,10,000/- PA
Avg. Salary -  rS. 2,40,000/- PA

d)  Academic Calendar https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/uploads/bcud/2024/APRIL/Affiliation-T1/Circular%20regarding%20Academic%20Calander%202024-2025.pdf
e)  Library: Basic information at a glance


6)     NEP implementation strategies https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/syllabusnew/Syllabus-As-Per-NEP-2020
7)     Admissions & Fee



8)     Faculty (Provide information of Faculty in tabular form) Course/ Branch wise list) https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/Academic_Programs/Academic-Departments
9)     Permanent Faculty: Students Ratio 1:19
10)  International students and collaboration: 53 + international students and 4 international collaborations
1)     Admission guidelines for international students (wherever applicable) https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/Iacell/Foreign-Students-Admission-Rules-and-Regulations
•   Facilities provided to international students https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/Iacell/About-Us
•   Fee structure for various programs  
•   Fee refund policy  
2)     Name and duration of Programme(s) having Twinning and Collaboration with Foreign University(s) and being run in the same Campus. Medical information management (Duration 2 years)
3)  If there is Foreign Collaboration, give the following details, if any: MOU link ??? EST /EST PG
11)  Research  
•  Research and Development Cell https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/unirdc/RESEARCH%20AND%20DEVELOPMENT%20CELL%20(RDC)
•   Publications https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/uploads/placement/2024/April/30-April/publication%20pdf.pdf
•   Patents (published/ Applied ) https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/iprcell/Patents-(IP)-of-Shivaji-University,-Kolhapur
•   Foreign Collaboration (wherever applicable) IQAC
•   Industry Collaborations IQAC
•   Central facilities https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/Central-facilities
•   MoU https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/academic_programs/Memorandum-of-Understanding-(MOU's)
•   Shodhganga and Shodhgangotri (provide links) https://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/
12)  Infrastructure (Information of Infrastructure and Other Resources Available) https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/Campusinfra
•  Number of Tutorial rooms and size of each  
•    Number of Drawing Halls with capacity of each  
•    Number of Computer Centers with capacity of each https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/sscc
•    Central Examination Facility, Number of rooms and capacity of each ?
•    Online examination facility (Number of Nodes, Internet band width, etc.) ?
•    Barrier Free Built Environment for disabled and elderly persons ?
•    Fire and Safety Certificate ?
•    Hostel Facilities https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/Hostel-Facilities
•    Library https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/library
•    List of Major Equipment/Facilities in each Laboratory/Workshop https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/ssusic/
•    List of Experimental Setup in each Laboratory/Workshop ?
•    Computing Facilities https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/sscc
•    Internet Band width https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/ssiu
•    Innovation Cell https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/sciil/
•    Social Media Cell Dr. Shivajirao Jadhav sir
•    List of facilities available https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/student/Department-of-Students'-Development
•  To upload the respective short video (1 - 2 min) of Infrastructure and facilities available w.r.t the courses in the website https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/videos/SUK-Documentary
•  Games and Sports Facilities https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/dptsports/Home
•  Teaching Learning Process IQAC
•  Academic Time Table with the name of the Faculty members handling the Course ??
•  For each Post Graduate Courses give the following: Title of the Course PG Admission
Laboratory facilities exclusive to the Post Graduate Course PG Admission
13)  Student Life  
•  Available hostel accommodation https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/Hostel-Facilities
•   Fellowships/ Scholarships (provide details) https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/about_suk/Fellowships-Scholarships
•   Academic Bank of Credits (provide link) https://www.abc.gov.in/
•   Digi Locker NAD Portal (provide link) http://www.nad.gov.in/
•   National Scholarship Portal (provide link) PG Admission
14)  Campus Harmony & Well Being PG Admission
•   e-Samadhaan (Provide link) https://samadhaan.ugc.ac.in/
•   Student Grievance Redressal Committee (SGRC) https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/stgrievance/Students%20Grievance%20Redressal%20Committee
•   Details of OMBUDSPERSON https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/stgrievance/ombudsperson
•   Internal Quality Assurance Cell https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/naac/iqac
•   Internal Complaint Committee to address complaints of Sexual Harrassment. https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/grievance/login.aspx#
•   Anti-Ragging Cell with Helpline number https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/student/Anti-Ragging
•   Equal Opportunity Cell ?
•   Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Group Cell (SEDG) ?
•   Alumni Association (provide link of portal wherever applicable) https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/alumni/Shivaji-University-Alumni-Association
•   Alumni Co-ordination Cell https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/alumni/registration/register.asp
15)  Information Corner  
•  RTI: Details of CPIO and Appellate authority (wherever applicable) ???
•  Circular and Notices https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/#tab-3
•   Announcements https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/#tab-1
•   Newsletters https://unishivsandesh.blogspot.com/
•   News, Recent events & Achievements https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/#tab-1
•   Job openings https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/recruitments/
•   Reservation Roster (wherever applicable) Special Cell
Important Instructions:  
•  The mandatory disclosure should be available freely to view/download to the public without any restrictions.  
•  The complete mandatory disclosure document should be converted into a single PDF file and the URL (web link)  
ESTABLISHMENT--विद्यार्थी व सामान्य जनतेसाठी अनिवार्यपणे स्वयंप्रकटीकरण करावयाच्या माहितीबाबत शासन परिपत्रक दिनांक ८ फेब्रुवारी , २०२४ च्या अनुषंगाने परिपत्रक https://www.unishivaji.ac.in/uploads/admin/2024/FEBRUARY/ESTABLISHMENT/27-FEB/MANDATORY-DISCLOSURE.pdf


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