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V.S.Khandekar Memorial Museum : A Bird's Eye View

Shvaji University established “Khandekar Memorial Museum to commemorate the literary contribution of padmabhushan V.S.Khandekar, the first author in Marathi Literature to bag prestigious Dnyanpeeth award. This is the only museum of its kind housed in the aesthetically developed area & about 2000 sq.ft. in the V.S.Khandekar Bhasha Bhavan, Exhibiting the graph of his career from his birth to death. The museum displays attractive busts of writer and wall mount mural with its wonderful entrance. There are many compartments in the museum which display in an alluring way the information of his family tree. Influential books, motivating literary persons, ancestors, education and writing of his initial phase. The rare photographs of the author’s family, contemporary literary events and literary persons and author’s House and a brief history of film industry are exhibited systematically in the museum.

The special feature of this museum is the neat arrangement of the completet works of V.S.Khandekar, when one sees his handwriting and his correspondence and listens to his speeches. The paper of Dnyanpeeth, Sahitya Akademi, Padmabhushan and D.Lit are displayed in original. Thus the museum has become historical and timeliness.

Al literature lovers must visit this rare museum. So their almost 20,000 people visited and praised such a unique collection of an author in India. If you have not visited V.S.Khandekar Memorial Museum so far don’t miss, make it a point to visit it today only.

Dr. Neelambari Jagtap
V.S.Khandekar Museum,
Shivaji University,Kolhapur.


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