Academic Programs
List of programs offered on campus


Sr. No. Name of the Programs
1 M.B.A.- Master of Business Administration Business Management
2 M.C.A. -Master of Computer Applications Commerce
3 M.Com.-Master of Commerce Commerce and Management
4 M.A.-Master of Arts Economics
5 M.A.-Master of Arts English
6 M.A.-Master of Arts M.A in Russian
7 M.A.-Master of Arts Hindi
8 M.A.-Master of Arts Language Technology
9 M.A.-Master of Arts History
10 L.L.M.-Master of Law or Laws Law
11 M.A.-Master of Arts Marathi
12 M.A.-Master of Arts Political Science
13 M.A.-Master of Arts Psychology
14 M.A.-Master of Arts Sociology
15 M.A.-Master of Arts Women's Studies
16 M.A. B.Ed.-Master of Arts, Bachelor of Education Education
17 M.Ed. -Master of Education Education
18 M.A.-Master of Arts Mass Communication
19 M.J.-Master of Journalism Journalism
20 B.J.-Bachelor of Journalism Journalism
21 M.Lib.Sc. -Master of Library Science Library and Information Science
22 B.Lib.Sc.-Bachelor of Library Science Library and Information Science
23 M.P.A.-Master of Performing Arts Drama
24 M.P.A.-Master of Performing Arts Instrumental Music Harmonium
25 M.P.A.-Master of Performing Arts Instrumental Music Sitar
26 M.P.A.-Master of Performing Arts Instrumental Music Tabla
27 M.P.A.-Master of Performing Arts Instrumental Music Violin
28 M.P.A.-Master of Performing Arts Vocal Music
29 M.Sc.-Master of Science Bio-Chemistry
30 M.Sc.-Master of Science Biotechnology
31 M.Sc.-Master of Science Environmental Bio-Technology
32 M.Sc.-Master of Science Food Science And Technology
33 M.Sc.-Master of Science Botany
34 M.Sc.-Master of Science Agro Chemical And Pest Management
35 M.Sc.-Master of Science Applied Chemistry
36 M.Sc.-Master of Science Chemistry
37 M.Sc.-Master of Science Industrial Chemistry
38 M.C.A. -Master of Computer Applications Computer Science
39 M.Sc.-Master of Science Computer Science
40 M.Sc.-Master of Science Electronics
41 M.Sc.-Master of Science Environmental Science
42 M.A.-Master of Arts Geography
43 M.Sc.-Master of Science Mathematics
44 M.Sc. Tech. -Master of Science in Technology M.Sc Tech
45 M.Sc.-Master of Science Microbiology
46 M.Sc.-Master of Science Pharmaceutical Microbiology
47 M.Sc.-Master of Science Physics
48 M.Sc.-Master of Science Applied Statistics and Informatics
49 M.Sc.-Master of Science Statistics
50 M.Tech. -Master of Technology Computer Science and Technology
51 M.Tech. -Master of Technology Electronics Technology
52 M.Tech. -Master of Technology Energy Technology
53 M.Tech. -Master of Technology Food Technology
54 M.Tech. -Master of Technology Environmental Science and Technology
55 B.Tech.-Bachelor of Technology Chemical Engineering
56 B.Tech.-Bachelor of Technology Computer Science and Technology
57 B.Tech.-Bachelor of Technology Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
58 B.Tech.-Bachelor of Technology Food Technology
59 B.Tech.-Bachelor of Technology Mechanical Engineering
60 B.Tech.-Bachelor of Technology Civil Engineering
61 M.Sc.-Master of Science Zoology
62 Integrated M.Sc.-Integrated Master of Science Nano Science and Technology
63 M.A.-Master of Arts Rural Studies
64 M.B.A.- Master of Business Administration Rural Management
65 M.C.A. -Master of Computer Applications Science
66 M.S.W.-Master of Social Work Rural Community Development
67 M.Tech. -Master of Technology Rural Technology
68 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Commerce
69 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Economics
70 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy English
71 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Hindi
72 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy History
73 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Marathi
74 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Political Science
75 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Sociology
76 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Education
77 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Journalism
78 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Library and Information Science
79 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Bio-Chemistry
80 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Biotechnology
81 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Botany
82 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Agro Chemical And Pest Management
83 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Chemistry
84 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Computer Science
85 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Electronics
86 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Environmental Science
87 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Geography
88 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Mathematics
89 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Microbiology
90 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Physics
91 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Statistics
92 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Engineering
93 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Zoology
94 M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy Nano Science and Technology
95 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Commerce
96 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Economics
97 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy English
98 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Russian
99 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Hindi
100 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy History
101 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Law
102 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Marathi
103 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Political Science
104 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Psychology
105 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Sociology
106 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Education
107 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Journalism
108 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Library and Information Science
109 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Music and Dramatics
110 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Bio-Chemistry
111 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Biotechnology
112 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Food Science And Technology
113 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Botany
114 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Agro Chemical And Pest Management
115 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Chemistry
116 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Computer Science
117 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Electronics
118 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Environmental Science
119 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Geography
120 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Mathematics
121 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Microbiology
122 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Physics
123 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Statistics
124 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Engineering
125 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Zoology
126 Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy Nano Science and Technology


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