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Foreign Students Admission Rules and Regulations


 Rules and Regulations for Foreigner Students Admission

Shivaji University International Affairs Cell
Foreigner Students Admission
Rules and Regulations

Dear Candidate,
Thank you very much for your interest in applying and choosing Shivaji University for your academic career. Kindly read the rules, regulation and conditions carefully before signing and submitting your application and documents. No changes in application form would be allowed once the final application is submitted.
Please note that your signature comes as undertaking as part of process and it is mandatory to follow all the rules and regulation laid down by the University from time to time. Please remember that you are supposed to fill the application form carefully and submit all the required documents carefully specified in the application. All the procedure will be completely online and thus please mention your contact number and email where required during the filling of the application form. It is compulsory to maintain the same email and telephone number throughout and during the application process. Any inconvenience or loss of communication will be responsibility of the applicant. No excuse or complaint in this regard would be entertained. We request all International Students to strictly follow the procedure. Admission will not be accepted for those who refuse to follow the rules. Please note that provisional admission does not guarantee final admission to course. The admissions will be granted based on the merit and the number of seats available for the said course. Maximum of two students of same country for same course are permissible to ensure diversity in the nationality of the foreign students. Your admission will be confirmed only on reporting to the University and Department with original documents, your eligibility form is filled and eligibility is cleared by verifying the documents (academic and visa stay documents). Acquiring appropriate visa is the responsibility of the student and reporting without appropriate visa will not be considered for enrolment.
Kindly fill complete the online application with your documents uploaded as PDF file. Please make sure that all your documents bear your name exactly as written in your passport and academic records. Enclose all required documents as specified in their original form or as certified copies. Documents must be written in English or be official certified translations approved by the authorities. Please submit the hard copy of the online submitted application to International Affairs Cell via post within 20 days from the last date of filling  and submitting application form.
Please contact the following contact personal for any doubts and or questions regarding to submitting of the application form and the documents.

Prof. (Dr.) Anil V. Ghule
Director, International Affairs Cell (IAC)
Shivaji University, Kolhapur (MS) India.

Rules and Regulations:
1. For admission process, please collect and submit all the relevant photocopies of the document, including passport and the ID size photograph. Passport is compulsory. After preliminary verifying the documents, provisional admission letter would be issued with the condition that the final admission letter would be given only after confirmation of the eligibility. Provisional admission letter along with required documents could be used for obtaining appropriate student/research visa from the Indian Embassy in your country. It is to be noted that final admission will be considered and granted only when you report with appropriate visa endorsed for Shivaji University i.e. for U.G. and P.G. Student: Student Visa is required and for Ph.D. Program Research Visa is required. Please note that your admissions will be considered only from the day you report with appropriate visa. Research visa is mandatory for reporting to the University in case of Ph.D. student.

2. Certificate of Financial Responsibility (Financial Undertaking Letter) is compulsory to be submitted in embassy of India in your country for visa and the Xerox of that certificate has to be submit along with other documents to IAC office.

3. Please note that provisional admission letter does not warrant admission to the said course. On your arrival in India and Shivaji University, you need to submit and verify your original documents (including your passport, student visa, academic documents) at IAC office for initiating the admission process.

4. International students coming for the first time in India for study and at Shivaji University, Kolhapur should note and verify that their visa is endorsed for Shivaji University, Kolhapur “Organization Institute”. Admission will not be processed or granted for those with Institute organization other than Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Students transferring from other Universities in India for UG/PG program will have to produce “No Objection Certificate” from last university attended and it is mandatory requirement.

5. Please note that, for international students who’s last degree is in foreigner country (outside India), it is necessary to produce AIU equivalence certificate for the qualifying degree which could be obtained from (Association of Indian university, AIU) either prior to submitting the application or after reporting to the University within the period of two months or else the admission will be deemed cancelled. In case students migrating/transferring from other Universities in India, it is necessary to produce the Migration Certificate within the two months of reporting to be considered for final admission. Submitting appropriate documents in time is the responsibility of the students and no complains or excuses will be entertained thereafter, and the University will not be responsible for any losses incurred in any case and in any form.

6. Please note that, on your arrival in India, it is necessary to complete the registration process in the   “Foreigners Registration Office” within 14 days from the date of arrival. IAC will only provide the required documents for the process only on reporting with original documents and verification of the same. University will not be responsible for any delay in reporting to and registration in FRRO, Kolhapur.

7. International students coming for the first time and from non-English speaking countries need to qualify the PET (Professional English Test), which will be organized on the university campus. Attending and clearing the PET exam is mandatory for the international students. Those not able to clear the exams will have to join the Professional English Classes on the campus organized by the Department of English for which the students need to bare the additional fees for the same and continue the class till he/she clears the Professional English Test. Admission will be kept on hold till the student clears the PET exam.
8. Usually the academic year is considered from June till May unless otherwise specified, and the courses usually start from July, and thus, it essential to report to IAC the latest by August 1.

9. One time full payment of academic annual fees will have to be paid at the time of joining or within two months from the beginning of the academic year for enrolled students.  Late fees will be applicable for any delay in payment of fees. Please note that, the fees including tuition fees once paid would not be refunded in any case.

10. Procuring Medical insurance from the date of reporting till valid period of the course is mandatory and has to be procured within two months from the date of arrival in India.

11. It is mandatory for all the foreign students to strictly follow the rules and regulation stipulated by the University from time to time. Violation of rules and regulations would result in strict action against the concerned student which might lead to cancellation of the admission and no excuses/objection in this matter would be entertained and the student would be responsible for the consequences.

12. It is responsibility of the students to submit the updated documents in IAC like change in residence, address, Residential permit, etc.

13. Document with Prior permission from concern Guide/Head of Department has to be submitted to IAC in case student/Research Scholar is visiting other city for academic/personal reasons during the academic year. Any discrepancy in the record will be reported to the nearest police station, FRRO Mumbai and respective Embassy for record purpose as per the provisions of the law. Violation of visa rules would not be entertained in any case.

14. Once admitted for particular course in Shivaji University, Kolhapur, it is the responsibility of the student to maintain the attendance report and make sure the percentage attendance is more than 75% as stipulated by UGC and University rules and regulations. Please note that the Biometric Attendance is compulsory to all the UG, PG and Ph.D. students.  It is mandatory to provide monthly attendance of the students and Research scholars to DSP Office, FRRO, ICCR and respective embassies as per the office orders from DSP office and FRRO Mumbai. The attendance will be shared with DSP Office, FRRO Kolhapur, ICCR, concerned department and embassy of the respective countries of the origin of the student. It is important to note that the admission through transfer cases would not be granted in any case and it is mandatory for the students to procure Student Visa for Shivaji University (UG and PG Courses) and Research Visa for Shivaji University (Ph.D. course). The date on which the appropriate Visa (Student/Research Visa) was issued or the date of reporting to the University (whichever is late) with all the valid and attested documents would be considered the joining date and valid student. Vacation period will be 1-2 months per year in line with vacations announced in the University. Vacation more than two months will not be granted without valid reason and permission. Admissions will be cancelled for students not following the University rules and those who are absent on campus/vacation for more than 5 months without valid permission.   

15. Once an international student has taken admission in a particular College/ Institution he/ she shall not be allowed to change the College/ Institution if the name of that College/ Institution is endorsed/ mentioned in the students Visa. In other words, he/ she shall be required to study in the College/ Institution which is mentioned in the student’s visa. In special circumstances, an International student seeking a transfer from one college to another must apply to the International Affairs Cell for such a transfer with NO OBJECTION LETTER from the Principal of the College where he/she was originally admitted and an ACCEPTANCE LETTER from the Principal of the college where he/she wishes to join. The student can join the new college only after he/ she is issued a TRANSFER LETTER by the International Centre.

16. Admissions to all the postgraduate courses being offered in the P.G. Centres have been centralized and admission letters to International Students shall be issued by the Office of the Director, International Affairs Cell. In other words, Principals of affiliated colleges where UG and PG centres are located shall not grant admission to International students directly. An International student wishing to undertake M.Phil./ Ph.D. or any other research degree in the University or any other affiliated college or institute recognized by the university, MUST have prior security clearance from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi and MUST BE on "RESEARCH" visa endorsed to Shivaji University Only.

17.All International Students who are already registered under Shivaji University and want to continue their next degree under Shivaji University will have to pay eligibility and registration fees.

18. International Students who have passed the qualifying examination from outside of India and require fresh "Students Visa" for admission to various general courses and courses in the Faculties of Management and Pharmaceutical Science. For such students, the admissions have been centralized and it is the office of the Director, International Affair Cell, which will issue the letter of provisional admission as per the procedure and rules laid down in this regard. Fresh International Students are required to pay Registration fees in addition to other Fee (Application form and Eligibility fees).

19. International Students who are not registered with the International Affair Cell shall not be permitted to appear at the University examinations and activities conducted under the University umbrella.

20. Foreign student applicants below the age of 18 years at the time of submitting the application for admission in SUK must also procure the signature of their parents or legal guardians as parental consent. Admission will not be confirmed without the valid documents and consent from the parents. Tampering/fabricating documents and or producing false documents, is an offense in India. If found guilty, admission would be cancelled and strict action would taken on the offender as per the laws of the land.

21. Undergraduate courses (U.G. programs) are usually organized in affiliated colleges of Shivaji University. All applications of the foreign student applicants will be processed from the University admission portal. No admission will be granted or eligibility documents processed if the applications are not processed through proper channel. Provisional admission letter for UG/PG admission will be issued by the IAC office on pre-screening the eligibility and only when the candidate is found provisionally eligible. Processing eligibility application within two months from the date of reporting to College/University is mandatory to get eligibility clearance from the University office. Any delay in submitting and processing the eligibility application for unprecedented circumstances would be responsibility of the concerned applicant. Late fees will be charged as Rs. 1000 per semester for the number of semester delayed. Foreign students with provisional admission letter from IAC office should contact the respective admitted college for further processing of the documents and completing the admission process and also for FRRO registration and visa extensions.

22. Medical check-up and medical certificate with all relevant test report obtained from authorized and recognized government hospitals should be provided. Medical Certificate from government hospitals regarding to health of internationals is compulsory. It is also mandatory to undergo health check-up in India in hospitals prescribed by the University Health Centre on reporting to Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Final admission would be not be granted if found unfit.

23. It is mandatory for all the internationals students to take the follow up of the Department/University/IAC Notices/ Circulars/Instructions being displayed on the notice boards/uploaded on the College/Institution/University/ webpage from time to time. No excuse or complaints would be entertained in case the student misses any academic activity owning to his gross negligence.


Declaration by the Candidate

    I,  declare  that  I  fulfill  the  minimum  eligibility  requirements  as  prescribed  by  the  University  for the admission to the programme of study for which I have applied. I further declare that entries made by me in this form and the documents submitted in support of the information furnished by me in the Application Form are true in all respects and in case any entry or information or documents are found to be false, this shall entail automatic cancellation of my admission besides rendering me liable to such action as the University may deem proper. I note that my admission to the University and my continuance on its rolls are subject to the provisions of the Statutes of the University. In the event of my selection/joining the University I will pay the required tuition fee and incidental charges and shall not ask for any financial assistance or waiver in fee during the tenure of the Programme of Study. I shall abide by the rules of discipline and proper conduct which may be framed in this regard.


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