Exam Section

The facility of verification is provided to the candidates as per ordinance No. 105. The ordinance 105 is as below.


Verification of marks

Information as to whether a candidate’s answers in any particular head or heads of University examination have been examined and marked, will be supplied to the candidate on his forwarding an application accompanied by a fee of Rs.50/- for each head within fifteen days of the declaration of the results of the said examination.

The verification fee so charged will not be refunded to the candidate.

Additional information regarding verification:

  1. The results of the examination are displayed on the internet (www.unishivaji.ac.in) on the date of declaration of the result.
  2. The marks statements and ledgers are sent to the concerned college/institutions on the day of declaration of result by hand/courier/post.
  3. The candidates will have to apply for the verification of marks through concerned college. Only external examinee can apply directly to the University. Applications sent by post/courier/in person by the regular candidates shall not be accepted.
  4. The candidates shall apply in the prescribed form which can be obtained from concerned college by paying Rs.5/-.
  5. The candidate shall pay fee of Rs.50/- per head of passing for the verification. The application in prescribed form alongwith prescribed fees must be submitted to the concerned college/institution (or University in case of external students) within 15 days of the date of declaration of results. Late applications will not be entertained.
  6. The candidate is permitted to apply for verification for maximum of three subjects per examination.
  7. The verification of marks facility includes checking of totaling of marks and whether all questions or sub questions are assessed and marked or not. It does not include reassessment/revaluation from other examiner.
  8. The colleges shall submit applications received from the examinees immediately on the next day to the Controller of Examinations, Shivaji University, Vidyanagar, Kolhapur.
  9. College/Institution shall credit the fees in the University Account in any branch of Bank of India in the jurisdiction.
  10. Result of verification shall be communicated to the examinee within 45 days from the date of declaration of the result.
  11. Fees paid for verification of marks shall not be refunded in any case.
  12. Verification facility is not available to the candidates for M.Phil. Pre-Ph.D. examinations.

The candidates can either apply for verification of marks or for Photo copies of the answer book but not for both.


Ordinance (O.106 (B)) : Application form for obtaining Photo Copy of Answer Book



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