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The conduct of examinations and declaration of results is one of the important activities of the University. The Examination Department is backbone of the examination system. The Examination Department of Shivaji University conducts nearly 500 examinations every year in which over 4500 question papers are printed and about 12,00,000 answer books are assessed to examine over 2,00,000 students spread over 34 post-graduate departments of the University and 200 odd affiliated colleges and institutions in Kolhapur, Sangli and Satara districts.

The examination system should be fair, efficient, reliable and transparent. The Department strives hard towards these goals to achieve credibility. A fairly good record of the University in smooth conduct of examinations and timely declaration of results, within 30/45 days as required by the Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994, has been time and again appreciated by the Hon’ble Chancellor. In recent times, the University has taken several initiatives to ensure better standards and improve accuracy, efficiency and transparency in the various steps involved in the conduct and declaration of results of examinations. Steps have also been taken to minimize the errors and mistakes and ensure better accuracy and efficiency during paper setting, conduct of the examination, collection, transport and coding-decoding and assessment, moderation of answer books, entry of marks on the answer books, mark lists, ledgers and statements of marks, and issue of various certificates, including the degree certificates. Several student-friendly measures have been taken, which will help more and more students to pursue higher education with more flexibility, convenience, and at their own pace. More specifically, the University has initiated following examination-related reforms:

  • Computerization of most steps in the examination system.
  • Up-dating of the data on college and teachers’ profile.
  • Introduction of October-to-October batch for external students, their on-line registration.
  • Availability of information and results on University Website; In course of time, even the mark sheet will be made available through internet.
  • On-line application forms for Entrance Examination.
  • Issue of Hall Tickets with photograph, PRN and Seat Number and personalized Examination Schedule.
  • Coding/ bar coding of the answer books.
  • Model/Synoptic answers and Marking Scheme for uniformity in the assessment, moderation and revaluation.
  • Scrutiny of the assessed/moderated answer books.
  • Computer Operators for direct entry of marks on computers.
  • Direct scanning sheets for marks to reduce errors in mark entries.
  • Facility of applying for Verification of Marks, Issue of Photocopies of the Assessed Answer books, Revaluation of Answer books.
  • Various reforms at administrative level to ensure speedy processing of examination steps, complaints, correspondence, issue of various certificates.
  • Issue/modification of various ordinances/rules and regulations relating to the relaxation in number of permissible attempts, cancellation of ordinances, class/performance improvement, revaluation of assessed answer books etc.
  • Issue of Degree Certificates to those who need them urgently.
  • Strict vigilance and penal measures for curb of Lapses and Malpractices in examination.
  • Use of various safety measures like scanning of photograph on Hall Ticket and Degree Certificate, high-tech stationary etc.
  • On line application forms for degree certificate.

The efficient and smooth conduct of examinations and timely declaration of the results can be ensured only by cooperation of all the students, principals, teaching, non-teaching and administrative staff of the all colleges. They are expected to be aware of the various procedures and time schedules which they should adhere to.



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