University Industry Interaction Cell

 1.To improve the quality of curricula adequately to meet the needs of the industry and economy. Present education system in collaboration to industry should operate at optimum efficiency and deliver quality product to employers.

 2 To enlist participation of industry in University Education Programmes, with a view to gain the advantage ofcross multiplication of ideas as well as their implementation for system improvement.

 3.  To optimise the deployment of physical and human resources of institutions and industries in the pursuit of development of student, faculty members and organizations as well
 4. To integrate industrial training and other inputs from the industry with the teaching learning processes so as to develop in the Students:
  • Awareness about the job functions in the industry.
  •  Attitudes to adapt to industrial environment.
  •  Proper practical and relevant knowledge and skills
  •  Capabilities to become self-employee
 5.  To acquaint teachers with the: Expectations of industry especially from post liberalization and fast changing.
  • Working environment in the industry
  •  Need for student orientation to industrial disciplines
  • On-the-job descriptions of faculty working at  different levels
  • Current Industrial practices and their integration in  present education system and their implementation aspects
  6.      To acquaint the industry with the existing programmes, faculty expertise, facilities available for the further growth of both.  
  7.      To involve the working professionals in teaching and management of institutions.
  8.      To offer research, development, consultancy and testing services to solve industrial problems.
  9.      To offer technical development training Programmes to faculty and students from industry.
 10.   To assist the industry in the selection of suitable candidates to fill up jobs positions through campus interviews and other selection procedures.
 11.    To collaborate with the board of Apprenticeship Training and industry for the training& Placement of university students.
 12.    To get feedback on institute pass outs from employers and involve them in design and review of curricula.
 13.    To share the experience and expertise between institutions and industry for mutual benefit.
 14.    To develop good technical culture in students.
 15.    To organize need based staff development programmes.
 16.    To Organize extension lectures by experts from industry.
 17.    To promote entrepreneurship in technical institution.


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