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The Programme Details & Disciplines Ways to access it free of cost
Vyas Higher Education Channel(24*7) Video lectures for Undergraduate students in all subjects.Each lecture is of 30 minutes duration. More than 600 programmes are broadcasted per month. The Channel also airs enrichment material in the form of documentaries relevent for stdents of higher education.

Through the DD Direct Plus & leading private DTH operators.Webcasting the through of programmes are available at and also in the Newsletter of CEC which is availble at all Universities.

Complete package of E-Learning Content For Undergraduate students in History, Botony, Anthropology, English, Hindi, Photography, Environment sciences and Mathematics. The content includes video, audio, downloadable text, assignments, references and FAQs.
Video Programmes for Undergraduate Courses A total of 12000 hours of content in 24,000 Educational video programmes. Subjects including Art/Culture/Literature/Language, Social Science, Management & Other Professional Courses, Natural & applied Sciences/ Engineering/ Medical Sciences.
Edu Sat Network CEC Edu sat Networks an education channel with live transmission of video lectures for four hours daily deliverd by the subjects experts. First  hour covers Art, Culture and Literature, second hour covers Social Sciences, third hour is dedicated for Management and related Professional courses while fourth hour is for Natural & applied Sciences. The live lectures are telecast on Vyas Channel. Same can also be viewed from Youtube at
Short Learning Objects More than 1000 answers for many commonly asked education related questions, known as Short Learning Objects are available in CEC portal. Each of these materials includes a short video and written material for easy comphrension. It covers a wide range of disciplines relevant for students of higher education.



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