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Department of Student Development:

The Department of Students’ development of Shivaji University, Kolhapur is persistently engaged in developing the personality of the student in all spheres of life for which it undertakes various student oriented programs it believes that given the opportunity, many of these students will bring out of their hidden talents. It is to unravel these hidden talents in the students that the dept. of students’ development provides the opportunity and the boosting environment for students to explore themselves and excel in their respective career. This department initiates different schemes, which includes earn while you learn scheme, special guidance scheme, student safety insurance scheme, Participation at various cultural activities, Debates, Moot Courts, Parliamentary affair studies & proceedings workshop etc. at state and national level as well as university level, these schemes are targeted for the development and betterment of the students.

Department of students’ Development of Shivaji university, Kolhapur, through its many fold programs has left no stone unturned to provide ample opportunities for the development of the students and indulge them in its activities apart from their day to day studies. The university authorities are always keen not only to provide standard academic programs but also to inculcate self-reliance and boost the confidence amongst the students. The department of students' development, shivaji university, kolhapur provides opportunities to all the candidates seeking admission to various Diploma/Graduate/Post-Graduate programs in teaching departments of the university, particularly those who have talent in cultural and literary activities. The department has been organizing various competitions to inculcate creativity among the students in about 30 events with the active participation from more than 225 affiliated Colleges.

On the basis of their performance, the meritorious students being selected in these competitions are deputed to zonal, National and International level competitions. Till date, our students have excelled in various competitions.

We believe that ‘’knowledge or education has only one duty, to secure the development of the students’’.  Firmly working on the above quote, we work ardently on our student development department, so that we can take care of each student and extend our full support, guidance whole heartedly in both academic and non-academic matters.  In university students’ development zone we besides the education part, we work consistently on Time management, stress management, values instilling, hard work, regularity, kind of aspects, so that the success of students can be measured  not only just quantitatively but qualitatively as well.

            The Dept. of students’ Development is always taking sincere efforts for the all-round development of students. It executes various activities in affiliated colleges, recognized institutes and P.G. departments. The dept. of students’ development, Shivaji university, kolhapur is geared towards this task for development of the students, it embark on a large number of activities for the benefit of the student community. 

About DSD

Kolhapur is a home for artistic & cultural development with great cultural heritage, so it is named after ‘Kala’ i.e. art. It has very strong Agro-industrial setup with Green & White revolution. The Director, Student development Of the University undertakes various programmes, which seek to broken the out with of these student and make them responsible citizen in the society. It helps to inculcate communal harmony with team spirit and national Interpretation, amongst the students with these views. The main motto of the centre is to MOTIVATE, ASSIST and SETTLE. It seeks to motivate, guide and train all the students of the university irrespective of their social status to select the right career and make them responsible citizens. Eventually, it converts LEARNING of the students into WINNING.



  • To strive for excellence in education for the realization of a vibrant and inclusive society through knowledge creation and dissemination.
  • To Blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills
  • To Improving the communication skills, GK, IQ, EQ of the students
  • To Pursue academic excellence through quality teaching, research and publications
  • To Provide access to all sections of the society to pursue higher education
  • To Inculcate right values among students
  • To Promote leadership qualities among students
  • To Produce socially sensitive citizens
  • To Hasten the process of creating a knowledge society


  • Student safety insurance scheme 
  • University level inter college youth festival
  • Drama presentation competition
  • University level workshop / seminars/ training :
  • Student personality development workshop
  • Cultural development workshop
  • University representative youth leadership development workshop (Shiledar Shibir)
  • District wise Chatrasabha (youth parliament)
  • Natya Abhivachan workshop
  • Speech skill development workshop 
  • Career Guidance Program
  • Anchoring  skill development workshop
  •  Street play skill development workshop 
  •  Students motivational workshop

Student Leadership Activities:-

  • College level student council 
  •  University colleges & dept. student council
  • University student’s  council


For the college level activities:-

  • Globalization rising workshop or Seminars 
  • Employment skill development guidance workshop 
  • Personality development cell 
  •  Stress management & guidance cell 


Special program for Girl students:-

  • Yuvati Sabha workshop 
  • Personality development cell 


Seminars for the Principal/ Director/ HOD, Student development officers & Teachers:-

  • Half yearly meeting 
  • Pre planning meetings of student’s council members 

Personality Development Workshop (Shiledar Shibir) :-

Training is an important aspect of good governance and this is done through these orientation workshops. Fighting elections and winning them is one part but what is more important is how to deliver after one gets elected. How to work together as well as implement promises made and help improve the University administration. After all elections and nominations for the University representatives and University Students Council are over a five to seven days’ workshop for the representatives is arranged at Baha’i Academy, Pachgani.
             At the said workshop lectures by eminent persons in the field of education are arranged. All the University representatives are given complete understanding about their duties, rights and their contribution to society.


Dr. P. T. Gaikwad
I/C Director , Student Development ,
Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
Office Phone : 0231 260 9175


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