Finance Section
Role of Finance and Accounts Officer


The Finance and Accounts Officer is the principal finance, accounts and audit officer of the university. He works directly under the control of the Vice-Chancellor. He is authorized to exercise general supervision over the funds of the university, and shall advise the Vice-Chancellor as regards the finances of the university. He holds and manages the funds, property and investments, including trust and endowed property. He has to point out to the Vice-chancellor any unauthorised expenditure or financial irregularities from any academic member of the university.

Finance and Accounts officer is the member-secretary of the Finance and Accounts Committee. He is responsible for presenting the annual budget, statement of accounts and audit reports, to the Finance and Accounts Committee and the Management Council.

The Finance and Accounts Officer acts as the secretary of the Purchase Committee / Furniture Committee / Technical Committee which deals with all matters pertaining to all purchases and sales of the university.

He is responsible for stock taking of equipments and other consumable materials in all offices, workshops and stores of the university.


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