United Western Bank Late Shri R. N. Godbole Chair


The Institution of a chair by the bank giving adequate financial support was certainly a major step in the development of Commerce and Management Education. It also gives encouragement and support to teaching and research activities in other departments like Economics, Public Administration, Sociology etc. following are the selective objectives:

1. To device innovative programmes and schemes of marketing of bank services particularly in rural and semi-urban areas.

2. To develop research projects to explore new areas where the bank can best utilize their funds.

3. To identify the areas of practical application of principles and techniques of financial management e.g. SSI sector, Co-operative sector, non-business organizations, service institutions etc.

4. To identify the vital issues pertaining to banking and finance at the micro level and prepare research reports which would highlight these issues in terms of solution.

5. To guide research in the areas of banking and finance.

6. To explore latest ideas, concepts and knowledge by way of arranging lectures of professional experts, visits to business institutions of regional, national and international level.

7. To develop up-to-date literature on finance by the use of multimedia techniques.

8. To provide perspective on the teaching and research in financial management including finance for international business.


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