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पीएच.डी. मान्यताप्राप्त मार्गदर्शकांकडुन युजीसी पीएच.डी. रेग्युलेषन 2022 नियम 6 (1) नुसार प्रवेश क्षमता कळविणेबाबत  CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT VACANCY STATUS OF RESEARCH GUIDE FOR Ph.D. 


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Online Affiliation Login for College 

NEP - २०२३ नुसार सुधारित अभ्यासक्रमाच्या परीक्षा अर्ज बाबत महत्वाची सूचना 

NEP Course List

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Student Dues Entry     

DEGG   & Skill Development  Course (SDC) , Soft Skill Course Entry  

Checklist For DEGG    & Skill Development  Course (SDC) , Soft Skill Course       

Stationary Demand (Answer books & Other Printed Stationary)

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Circular and Form regarding Bridge Course 

८ वर्षांची मुदत पूर्ण होऊनही अद्याप शोधप्रबंध सादर न केलेल्या एम.फिल. / पीएच. डी. विद्यार्थ्यांबाबत

 Regulations and norms for recognition of a teacher as Research Guide for Ph.D and PG Teachers

 Extension of date for submission of thesis for terminal M.Phil. / Ph.D. Research Students
 Click Here to Submit Vacancy Status of Research Guide for M.Phil/Ph.D.
 Circular regarding applications for  Ph.D. Research Guide and P.G. Teacher 
 Video Demo for how to fill M.Phil/Ph.D. Guideship/PG Teacher Application
   युजीसी पीएच.डी. रेग्युलेषन 2022 नियम 6 (1) नुसार पीएच.डी. संशोधन मार्गदर्शक व पदव्यूत्तर शिक्षक मान्यत अर्जा बाबतPh.D. Guideship/PG Teacher Application (Last date of Application will be 20 August 2023)  

 List of New Recognised M.Phil./Ph.D. Guide - May-2022

List of New Recognised P.G. Teacher - May-2022

               Regulations and norms for recognition of a teacher as Research Guide for  Ph.D and PG  Teachers. 

 About including 80 Recommendation Chapters while uploading Ph.D Thesis on Shodhganga Portal
 Circular regarding Ph.D. Bridge Course
 Extension of date for submission of thesis for terminal M.Phil. / Ph.D. Research Students
Circular Regarding PG-BUTR Section E-mail ID
 AICTE Doctoral Fellow (ADF): Ph.D. Admission 2020-21

IMPORTANT CIRCULAR - REGARDING M.Phil. / Ph.D. OPEN DEFENCE / VIVA VOCE Examination through video conferencing

UGC letter dt. 29.04.2020

UGC Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar for the Universities in View of COVID-19 Pandemic and Subsequent Lockdown

Regarding excess Fee for M.Phil / Ph.D. taken by the Colleges and Research Centre
 Circular Regarding Synopsis of M.E. / M.Tech. / M.Tex. / M.Arch . / M.pharm.

Appointment Portal Theory/Termwork/Practical Marks Entry University Results 
Appointment Portal

For Termwork/Practical Marks feeding started portal. Pl.  use  Principal/HOD  for further Marks Feeding                                


M.Phil/PhD CAP Portal

CAP Portal   .

CAP Assessment Status Entry 

Online Statement of Marks  ---  Current Exams



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