Center For Study Of Social Exclusion And Inclusive Policies
Policy Intervention 2007 to 2024



Topic     Activity     Out come
Farmers suicides – Conduct consultation workshop under Dr. Naredra Jadhav Member of Planning Commission

1.    Draft report of consultation and submitted to Dr. Narendra Jadhav, to Planning commission.

2.    Report submitted to Maharashtra    State government.

Disability Policy 

1.    Conduct baseline research on accessibility to university campus. 
2.    Avinash Bhale contributes as a expert member of Disability Policy drafting committee.
3.    Centre also submitted draft of Disability Policy to Committees precedent. 
1.    Baseline research on accessibility
2.    Draft policy on disability and submitted to drafting committee 
3.    Contribution in framing disability policy of Shivaji University   
Transgender Right Act 1.    Conduct training on rights of Transgender for staff of Social Justice Department Kolhapur.
2.    Develop questionnaire tool for baseline survey of Transgender. 
3.    Give training of tool baseline survey 
4.    Conduct survey with Social Justice Department staff. 
5.    Dr. Jagan Karade Director of Centre was expert member of advisory committee established by Kolhapur collector on           transgender issues. 
1.    1 training on transgender act 
2.    Developed tool kit for implementation of Transgender act
3.    Develop tool for baseline survey
Equality policy of Shivaji university  -    Drafted equality policy for Shivaji university and submitted to IQAC for further approvals and consultations  Drafted equality Policy 
New education Policy and Inclusion   -    Centre had internal consolations  and develop suggestions and recommendations and submitted to UGC   Draft of Suggestions and Recommendation on NEP 2020 and Inclusion 
The Socio-Economically  -    Conduct Policy Consultation on “Guidelines for Equal Opportunity  -    Consultation report and suggestions 
Disadvantaged Groups (SEDGs) in HETs. for the Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Groups (SEDGs) in HETs.
-    Drafted consultation report and submitted to UGC 
Forest Right – community rights  -    Conduct capacity building workshops for FRC Forest right Committee.  -    Capacity Building Programme conducted 
Human and Wild animal conflicts  -    Meetings with Forest department Ajara related conflicts. 
-    Develop strategy to go for Community claims und tribal forest rights  
-    2 meeting with forest department 
-    Lobbing with forest 



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