CBCS Master of Computer Application (M. C. A.) Part - I (Sem I & II) : 2019

CBCS M. Sc. Part - I (Sem I & II) : 2019

Physics Mathematics Geography Chemistry
Applied Statistics and Informatics Industrial Microbiology Food Science and Technology Environmental Science
Computer Science Statistics Botany Zoology
General Microbiology Geology Electronics  

CBCS M. Sc. Part - II (Sem III & IV) : 2019

Physics Mathematics Chemistry   Geography
Nano Science and Technology Tech. Mathematics Geology Applied Statistics and Informatics

                        Diploma/ P.G. Diploma : 2019

P. G. Diploma in Environment Protection and Management
Diploma in Industrial Safety, Health and Environment
P. G. Diploma in In Industrial Safety, Health and Environment

CBCS B. Sc. Part - I (Entire) (Sem I & II) : 2019

Food Technology and Management

CBCS B. Sc. Part - II (Entire) (Sem III & IV) : 2019

Sugar Technology Biotechnology Computer Science Information Technology


B. Sc. Par - II (Sem III & IV) under CBCS : 2019

Chemistry Physics Zoology Botany
Statistics Mathematics Microbiology Pollution (IDS)
Geology Electronics Bitechnology Biochemistry
Food Science & Quality Control Astrophysics and Space Science Industrial Microbilogy Biochemistry (IDS)
Plant Protection (IDS) Astrophysics Computer Science Nanotechnology

B. Sc. Part - I (Sem I & II) under CBCS : 2018

Regarding Nature of Question paper of CBCS B. Sc. Part - I

English (Compulsory)

Chemistry  Minor change



Minor Change

Mathematics Minor Change


Microbiology Nature of Qus. Paper  

Geology   Computer Science


Food Science & Quality Control

Biochemistry  Industrial Microbiology

Astro Physics & Speace Science



Minor Change

B. Sc. (CBCS) Programme Handbook: 2018

CBCS B.Sc. Part - I (Entire) Program Syllabus, Structure and Course List : 2018

Biotechnology Sugar Technology Computer Science
Information Technology English  

B.Sc. Part- III Syllabus

B. Sc. Part III (Entire) Syllabus

M. Sc. Part I Syllabus

P.G. Diploma / Diploma

Value Added Programme 2018


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