Computer Centre


  • Wi-Fi Campus: The Operations of Wi-Fi system begin in 2012 with installation of controller and there after deployment of outdoor and indoor access points at library building.


  • Virus free Campus: Total university campus is Virus free. As per suggestions of Special Technical Committee Antivirus software of two different flavors (Quick Heal, Symentic Campus Agreement) has been installed on all the computers and Servers. This activity has helped in improving Network Performance.


  • Online Applications: Following Applications are taken ONLINE 

             a)    Student registration and Enrollment.
             b)    Duplicate mark statement, Transfer certificate, Migration Certificate
             c)    Photocopy, Revaluation, Re-verification.
             d)    Convocation.
             e)    Merit Scholarship (In process).
             f)    All types of Entrance examinations.
             g)    Teachers Profile.
             h)    Research Guide Profile. 


  • Hardware Maintenance: In-house  Maintenance of Servers, laptops, desktops, UPS and electronic equipment is taken care by Computer Center. With the help of Three Hardware engineers, maintenance of entire campus equipment is carried out successfully.  


  • CCTV/IP based Video surveillance: Important places on campus are covered under Video surveillance.


  • ONLINE Examinations: All the MCQ (multiple choice question) based examinations are conducted either using OMR or ONLINE. Part of the theory examinations of Engineering faculty are taken ONLINE. 


  • Video Conferencing:  Computer Center is extending the video Conferencing services for various lectures. University authorities and faculty members are availing this facility to a great extent.


  • Campus wide Networking:  The University campus is connected using single mode fiber. All the buildings are connected with Optical Cable ( 1500 km).  The network is easily expandable.



Future Plans:

Campus ERP

Wi-Fi Campus will include Hostels, guest houses and Technology campus.

Expansion of Data Center Activities: Data center services can be made available to other nearby Universities as well as private organizations.

Virtual Class rooms and content generation.

Automatic dummy numbering system, to avoid manual coding and decoding system in examination result processing.








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