Center For Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar

Dr. Ambedkar was an architect of Indian Constitution as well as a fearless fighter against social inequality and injustice. Under the U.G.C. scheme of ‘Epoch Making Social Thinkers’, the Centre of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Studies was established on 13th August 2005. The Centre has started M.Phil. Course in Languages and Social Sciences and this Course tries to study the philosophy of Ambedkar Thought, the inter-disciplinary perspective. Dr.K.Kiravale, Director of the Centre received Govt. of Maharastra Prize for his book. The centre organized two National Seminars on 50 year of Conversion and Dalit Movement, Buddhism and Reservation Policy : its Implications. It organized a number of Lectures on Ambedkarism. It has started work on the dictionary of words used by Dr. Ambedkar. The Centre completed two Research Projects which are as follows-

  • Dinkar Khabade, Social Reform movement of Dr. Ambedkar in the cause of justice and equality.
  • J.R.Dabhole, The Buddhist theory of causation-Prateetya Samutpada.

The centre is going to organize a number of Workshops on Ambedkarism and it would like to start a few P.G. Diplomas on Ambedkar Thought and Political and Social Movements in Maharashtra. It would undertake a number of publications on the above mentioned themes.


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