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Organization Structure

The organizational & operational structure of the Shivaji University is based on the provisions in the Maharashtra University Act 1994 & statutes ordinances, rules framed under this act, which are amended from time to time. The authorities of the University include the Senate, Management Council, Academic Council, the faculty, the Board of College & University Development, the Board of Directors, the Board of Interdisciplinary Studies, the Board of Examination, the Board of Adult & Continuing Education & Extension Services, the Students Council & such other bodies. All these authorities have representation from various categories like teachers, students, principals, Heads of the University Development, guardians, College Management, Members of Legislative, besides nominees of the Chancellor of Govt. of Maharashtra & officers of the University who are Ex-officio members.

The Senate is the principle authority for all financial estimates & budgetary provisions & for providing social feedback to the University on current & future academic programs. The Management Council is the principle executive authority to formulate statutes & forward the same to the Senate for approval & make ordinances to administer the affairs of the University & carry out all such duties which are not specifically assigned to any other authority. The academic council is the principle academic authority of the University responsible for regulating & maintaining standards of teaching, research & examination in the University.

Officers of the University
Shri. Bhagat Singh Koshyari The Governor of the Maharashtra State is the Chancellor of all the Universities in the Maharashtra. By virtue of his office he is the head of Shivaji University. At present His Excellency Governor Shri. Bhagat Singh Koshyari the Chancellor of Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
It is my great pleasure as well as privilege to get associated with the Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

The other officers of the University are namely the Deans of the faculties, the Registrar, the Controller of Examination, the Director, BCUD, the Librarian of the University Library, the Finance & Accounts Officer, the Director Students Welfare and such other officers. The administrative work of the University is divided in to 04 divisions. The work of students admission, eligibility, board of studies, Teaching & Non-teaching, Establishment, Seminar, Conferences, Meetings is looked after by the Registrar who reports to the Pro Vice-chancellor & the Vice-chancellor. The working of under graduate colleges affiliation, PG-Affiliation, University & College Development, liaison with UGC & other agencies is looked after by the Director, College & University Development Board.

All the matters pertaining to the finance budget, audit etc. are looked after by the Finance & Accounts Officer. The examination section of the University is responsible for conduct of examination and the tests and declaration of their results. The Controller of Examination is incharge of this Unit.

All these officers, Registrar, Director, Board of Examinations and Evaluation, and  Finance & Accounts Officer work under the superintendence & control of the Vice-chancellor & the Pro- Vice-chancellor.


University Officers

Name  Designation
 Shri. Bhagat Singh Koshyari  Chancellor
Prof. (Dr.) Nitin R. Karmalkar  Ag. Vice-Chancellor
 Prof. (Dr.) Vilas D. Nandavadekar  Registrar
Prof. (Dr.) V. J. Fulari  I/c. Dean of Science and Technology Faculty
   I/c. Associate Dean of Science and Technology Faculty
Prof. (Dr.) A. M. Gurav  I/c. Dean of Commerce and Management Faculty
Prin. (Dr.) D. S. Moruskar  I/c. Dean of Humanities Faculty
Prin. (Dr.) Smt. M. V. Gulavani  I/c. Dean of I.D.S. Faculty
 Shri. G. R. Palase  I/c. Director, Board of Examinations and Evaluation
 Shri. V. T. Patil  Finance and Accounts Officer
 Prof. (Dr.) R. K. Kamat  I/c. Director of Innovation, Incubation and Linkages
 Dr.  Mrs. N. B. Khot  Director, Knowledge Resource Centre
 Dr. (Smt.) Buwa S. K.  Director of Lifelong Learning and Extension
 Shri. Gaikwad P. T.  I/c. Director of Sports and Physical Education
 Dr. Gurav R. V   Director of Student's  Development
 Shri. A. D. Jaibhaye  Director of  National Service Scheme

University's Other Administrative Officers


University Organogram


1 Dr. G. S. Kulkarni  Deputy Registrar (Civil) Civil / Electrical, Guest House  2609123
2 Dr. V. N. Shinde Deputy Registrar  Meeting, Garden, Support Services : Press, Health Center, Lok Vikas Kendra, Women's Studies Center, Telephone (Extra Charge) 2609129
3 Dr. N. P. Sonaje Deputy Registrar  On lien 2609104
4 Smt. V. L. Antredi Deputy Registrar  PG BUTR  2609431
5 Shri. S. M. Kubal Deputy Registrar College & University Development, Security  2609144
6   Deputy Registrar  P. G. Admission/ P.G. Seminar/ Scholarship/ M. B.A./ B.A. B.Ed./ Anti-Ragging Cell 2609489
7 Dr. N. J. Bansode Deputy Registrar  Center for Distance Education, Student Facility Center 2609451/52
8 Shri. P. S. Pandav Deputy Registrar  Special Cell  2609148
9 Shri. G. R. Palase  Deputy Registrar  Appointment, Strong Room, Convocation 2609101
10 Shri. V. S. Soyam Deputy Registrar  Affiliation T-2 & Lead Colleges 2609135
11 Shri. M. P. Kadam  Deputy Registrar  Affiliation T-1  2609136
12 Smt. S. S. Adsule Deputy Registrar  BOS, Eligibility  2609093
13   Deputy Registrar  CAP 2609297
14 Dr. V. J. Dhere  Deputy Registrar  Establishment, PG Establishment &  NAAC 2609097
15 Smt. B. M. Nale  Deputy Registrar  On Exam (B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., O.E.1 to 3, Engg. & Tech. Exam. Section 2609489
16 Shri. R. Y. Lidhade  Deputy Registrar  (On Deputation ) Accounts  2609072
17 Adv. Smt. A. A. Kadam  Law Officer  Law Office  2609128
18 Shri. A. B. Chougule Internal Auditor  Accounts 2609064
19 Shri. P. B. Petkar  Chief Accountant  (On Deputation )  Accounts  2609079
20 Shri. A. N. Jatratkar  Public Relations Officer  Public Relations Cell 2609143
21 Shri. N. S. Mane Assistant Registrar  Convocation , IT-Coordinator 2609113
22 Shri. D. D. Adagale Assistant Registrar  CAP 2609297
23 Shri. B. N. Waghmode Assistant Registrar  Affiliation T-2, Grievance Cell  2609089
24 Dr. U. K. Sakat Assistant Registrar  Accounts, Vehicle  2609075
25 Shri. A. J. Katkar  Assistant Registrar  Inward- Outward/ Security / University Record 2609132
26 Shri. T. K. Kundale Assistant Registrar  Dept. of Technology 2609424
27 Shri. D. V. Kavale  Assistant Registrar  B. A. B. Com, B. Sc. Lapses  2609112
28 Shri. D. D. Savagave Assistant Registrar  P.G. Admission 2609488
29 Smt. T. S. Bhutkar Assistant Registrar  College & University Development,          Special Cell  2609492
30 Shri. R. S. Nagalbone Assistant Registrar  Establishment / Establishment PG 2609099
31 Shri. S. S. Kharade  Assistant Registrar  Accounts Section  2609084
32 Dr. P. B.  Jakhale  Assistant Registrar  OE 1 to 3, Engg. & Tech. Exam. Section 2609495
33 Smt. S. S. Kharade Sr. System Analyst I/c Director, Computer Centre  2609095
34 Dr. M. J. Joshi System Programmer Internet Unit 2609466
35 Shri. K. S. Deorukhakar Network Administrator Computer Centre 2609378
36 Shri. S. D. Hukkeri System Programmer Computer Centre 2609335
37 Shri. A. V. Ghate System Programmer Computer Centre 2609393
38 Shri. A. C. Kamble Dy. Engineer Engineering ( Electrical ) 2609124
39 Dr. (Smt) V. A. Ranade  Medical Officer Health Centre 2609401
40 Shri. A. A. Redekar  Statistical Officer Statistical Cell 2609147
41 Shri. N. N. Charapale  Sr. Tech. Assistant  Computer Centre 2609096
42 Shri.  S. V. Dhyade  Jr. Engineer  Engineering Section 2609125
43 Shri. V. V. Powar  Jr. Engineer  Engineering Section 2609125
44 Shri. R. P. Yadav  Jr. Engineer  Engineering Section 2609125
45 Shri. A. K. Jadhav  Garden Supdt. Garden  2609259
46 Shri. B. P. Patil Press Supdt.  Press  2609286



IMP Note:The List of Officers is updated on 1st Jan. 2019 as it is received from Establishment Section. All the concerns are requested to communicate Establishment Section for any change / addition / deletion.


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