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General Rules and Regulations of Library
Circulation Rules
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  Rules and Regulations of Library  


Sr. No Section-wise rules


Circulation Rules


Reference Section Rules


Periodical Section Rules


Archival Section Rules


Property Counter Rules


Academic Resource Centre Rules for Student



  General Rules and Regulations of Library  

  1. Books and bound periodicals which have been issued out are liable to be recalled at any time, when so recalled they must be returned to the Library within the specified time
  2. Borrowers shall not issue any kind of Library materials to any other persons
  3. Readers shall not write upon, damage, or make any mark upon any book, manuscript, or map belonging to the library
  4. Erasure of any mark or stamp, label etc. on a book or manuscript or map belonging to the Library will be considered as misconduct and justification/fine will be charged
  5. Any reader observing a defect, or damage to any book or manuscript shall point out the same to the Library Staff immediately
  6. A borrower shall be responsible for the safe custody and return of a publication issued to him. In the event of its being lost or damaged he/she will have to reimburse the cost/replace the documents as per the rules
  7. Outstanding Books issued to a member (all categories) will not be transferred in the name of any other members
  8. Overdue charges will be laid on borrowed books and other reading materials as per the rules, if returned after the due date
  9. Students and Research workers shall have to obtain a "Clearance Certificates" from the Librarian when they cease to be University students. On the production of such a certificate only they shall claim refund of deposit money from the University
  10. A borrower shall withdraw his/her amount of deposit within six months after the declaration of results. If not withdrawn within the prescribed time, it may be forfeited
  11. The teachers in affiliated colleges should produce a letter of authority from the Principal to be a member of the Library as per rules
  12. The students appearing for competitive examination and NET/SET etc. will have to produce registration details
  13. No personal belongings including books are allowed inside the library
  14. Keep your personal belongings such as bags, books etc in the property counter and collect token from the staff on duty. Not to keep any valuables such as cash, mobile phones, ATM cards etc in the counter. Library or its staff are not responsible for loss of any valuables.
  15. No borrowed books/journals will be allowed inside the library, except those brought for return
  16. Reservation of borrowed books by others may be made in a Register kept in the stack area. Similarly for books not found on the shelf may be registered in a register kept in the stack area.
  17. Identity card and borrowers cards are must for making entry to the stack area
  18. Always keep Indentity Cards with you, while making use of Reading hall as checks will be carried out by the library staff and Security personnel
  19. Library Catalogue kept at the entrance of the library/OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) need to be used before making entry to the stack area to select books of your interest
  20. Books taken for reference inside the stack/reference/thesis sections need to be kept on the table and not to merge them on the shelves
  21. Surrogate cards kept on the shelves need to be used, while taking books for reference to avoid any misplacement of books
  22. Books borrowed on a particular day will not be accepted for return on the same day
  23. Mobile phones need to be switched off or kept in the silent mode before making entry to the library/reading hall. Talking over mobile inside the library/reading hall is strictly prohibited
  24. Maintain silence in the library


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