CIQA Academic Year 2020 21


Academic Year 2020-21.
1. Continuation of Recognition for One Year 2020
2. Director, IQAC Appointment Order
3. Dr. D. N. Kashid Appointment Order 2020
4. Exam Circular for Proctored Examination
5. Degree Certificate
6. Important Date for Admission, Contact Session and Assignments
7 Observer Letter
8 Observer Report
9 Prospectus 2020-21
10 Submission for Date of notification of the Centre
11 Exam Centres with Student Count
12 Dr. D. N. Kashid Joining Letter
13 Statutory Body Approval for PPR and SLM
14 Sample SLM
15 PPR
16 Feed Back Form
17 FAQ
18 Exam Centres with Programmes Offered and Student Count
19 Academic Calendar 2020-21
20 Sample Marksheet PG
21 Sample Marksheet UG
22 Sample Question Paper PG
23 Sample Question Paper UG
24 Exam Centres
25 Compliance Status of SLM
26 NAAC Certificate
27 2.1.1 Quality maintained in the services provided to the learners.
28 2.1.2 Self-evaluative and reflective exercises undertaken for continual quality improvement in all the systems and processes of the Higher Educational Institution.
29 2.1.3 Contribution in the identification of the key areas in which Higher Educational Institution should maintain quality.
30 2.1.4 Mechanism devised to ensure that the quality of Open and Distance Learning programmes matches with the quality of relevant programmes in conventional mode.
31 2.1.5 Mechanisms devised for interaction with and obtaining feedback from all stakeholders.
32 2.1.7 Implementation of its recommendations through periodic reviews.
33 2.1.8 Workshops organized on quality related themes.
34 2.1.10 Collected, collated and disseminated accurate, complete and reliable statistics about the quality of the programme-1.
35 2.1.11 Measures taken to ensure that Programme Project Report for each programme is according to the norms and guidelines prescribed by the Commission.
36 2.1.12 Implementation of PPR.
37 2.1.13 Maintenance of record of Annual Plans and Annual Reports of Higher Educational Institution.
38 2.1.14 Inputs provided to the Higher Educational Institution for restructuring of programmes in order to make them relevant to the job market.
39 2.1.15 Facilitated system based research on ways of creating learner centric environment and to bring about qualitative change in the entire system.
40 2.1.16 Steps taken as a nodal coordinating unit for seeking assessment and accreditation from a designated body for accreditation such as NAAC etc.
41 2.1.17 Measures adopted to ensure internalisation and institutionalisation of quality enhancement practices through periodic accreditation and audit.
42 2.1.18 Steps taken to coordinate between Higher Educational Institution.
43 2.1.19 Information obtained from other Higher Educational Institutions on various quality benchmarks or parameters and best practices.
44 2.1.20 Recorded activities undertaken on quality assurance in the form of an annual report.
45 2.1.21 Submitted Annual Reports to the Statutory Authorities or Bodies of the Higher Educational Institution about its activities at the end of each academic session
46 2.1.23 Facilitated adoption of instructional design requirements as per the philosophy of the Open and Distance Learning decided by the statutory bodies of the HEI for its different academic programmes.
47 2.1.24 Promoted automation of learner support services of the Higher Educational Institution.
48 2.1.26 Coordinated with third party auditing bodies for quality audit of programme(s).
49 2.1.27 Overseen the preparation of Self Appraisal Report to be submitted to the Assessment and Accreditation agencies on behalf of Higher Educational Institution.
50 2.1.28 Promoted collaboration and association for quality enhancement of Open and Distance Learning mode of education and research therein.
51 2.2.1 Governance, Leadership and Management
52 2.2.2 Articulation of HEI Objectives
53 2.2.3 Programme Development and Approval Process
54 2.2.4 Programme Monitoring and Review
55 2.2.5 Infrastructure Resource
56 2.2.6 Learning Environment and Learner Support
57 2.2.7 Assessment and Evaluation
58 2.2.8 Teaching Quality and Staff.
59 2.3.1 Academic Planning
60 2.3.2 Validation
61 2.3.3 Monitoring, Evaluation and Enhancement Plans
62 Declaration
63 Annual Report CIQA 2020-21 



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