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The Sports Departmental strongly focusing an upgrading the physical and mental health of the individual player. Which result in the development of dynamic personalities. The leads and individual to create a special place in the society. The sports activities and achievements has helped many individuals to secure better job opportunity. The clean area along with the natural gift of fresh air is a boosting asset, which motivates the player to perform better.

Better the establishment of Department of Sports, the sports activities were carried out by the sports section in Shivaji Universities, Kolhapur. The need of Department of Sports was highly felt. As a result the Department of Sports was established in 1991 in the Shivaji University, Kolhapur it was greatly helped in conducting the various sports activities time to time and spread the scope and importance of Sports among the youngsters.

The tournaments like zonal and inter zonal, activities were conducted through the Department of Sports successfully. For these tournaments, even he financial support was given fully the Department of Sports. The special coaching was given to the players selected for different evens to be participated in the West/South/South-West/All India Inter University sports.

Along with above importance sports activities, even the Inter University tournaments for various events like Kabaddi, Wrestling, Kho-Kho, Cricket, Basketball, Hockey, Table-Tennis are also arranged.

The highly prestigious, The Department of Sports has recently conducted a major Inter University Sports Meet “Ashwamedha-2001” successfully this event was inspired was presided over by the Chancellor and the objective was to create awareness towards the AIDS.

Shivaji University has a huge sports complex which is known as “Krida Maharshi Meghnath Nageshkar Krida Snkul” . There are pavallions, rooms and Gymnasium are available for practicing, coaching and conducting he different sports activities. The Sports has Athletics Track , Basketball Cement Court, Cricket Ground ,Kho-Kho Ground, Hockey Ground etc.

In addition to this facilities, there are a separate Gymnasium Hall. The hall serves as multipurpose hall. In which the indoor games like physical conditioning unit, Table-Tennis, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Judo, Weight Lifting, Power Lifting and Best Physique and Chess etc. were conducted.The unique feature of open theater is available were cultural programmes are held.

The separate facilities are provided to the students of P. G. Gymkhana of the University. Teams of P.G. Students are sent to for Zonal, Inter Zonal tournaments and selection trials to select the University team.The Department of Sports has its own special importance in Shivaji University, Kolhapur. The Department achievements in various sports activities like Athletics, Cross – Country, Shooting , Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Football. It has developed many renowned sports personalities.

The achievement of the sports personalities were highly honoured and severely notices by the Department of Sports as a result of which there were different awardsto honored to the highly sports personalities. The awards like Shri Meghanath Nageshkar Trophy, Shri.Pirajirao Ghatage Yadgiri,Shri. Mamasaheb Lingraj, B.B.Bhagawat, Shirgaonkar Brothers, Dattajirao Shelke Challenge, T.A. Patane, Rukminibai R.Pawar, Mamasaheb Minchekar, Prof. Munshi,Sau Tarabai Govindrao patil, Sadolikar, Pudhari, Kothari, Chandroji Narake, D.C.Shah, Rotary, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar, Yashwantrao Pandurang Powar, Late Bapusaheb Ingale, R.P.Powar, Late Mhadba Mestry, Late Mamasaheb Jagadale., Late Prof. Panse, P.P.Bapuji Salunke, Smt. S.G.Salunkhe,Late Shankarrao Mohite, In memory of Vijay Vishwanath Patil, Trophies were distributed to Colleges.

In addition some our Sportsman achieved State Awards and as well as National Awards Like-Smt. Vadana Shanbag- Arjun Awards(Athleics),Shri. Sambhaji Varute- Wrestling, Nanda Jadhav –

Shivchhatrapati Award (Athletics), Smt.Shailaja Salunkhe Shivchhatrapati Award(Table-Tennis), Smt.Suchitra Shirodkar-Shivchhatrapati Award(Table Tennis(Table Tennis, Smt. Uma Bhosale – Shivchhatrapati award – (Kabaddi), Smt. Madhuri Sinhasane Shivchhatrapati Award – (Wt. lifting),Smt. Bhagyashri Bile, Shivchhatrapati Award,Shri P.I.Maskar – Dadoji Konddev Award (Athletics), Shri.R.B. Patil Shivchattrapti Award (Athletics) etc.

Some of the great sport personalities have also shown there highly profile at Inter National, Olympic, Asian Games Common Wealth Games even they achieved Gold, Sliver and Bronze Medals like Shri. Kashaba Jadhav Shri.Sambhaji Varute, Smt. Vandana Shanbag, Shri. Hrishikesh Gullapalli,Smt. Nanda Jadhav, Smt. Tejaswini Sawant,Smt. Uma Bhasale, Shri.Ram Sarang ,Smt. Shailaja Salokhe, Smt. Bhagyashri Bile, Shri. Balasaheb Nikam, Smt. Snehankita Varute, Shri. Deepak Kumbhar, Smt.Jayshree Boragi, Shri.Ajim Khan, Shri.Virdhaval Khade, Smt.Tejaswani Sawant Smt.Radhika Barale, Smt.Rahi Sarnobat, Shri.Tejas Kusale, Shri.Kanhaiya Babar, Shri.Navnath Phadtare, Smt.Savita Pawar etc.

Moderanization of major sports evens is taking place worldwide and sport persons have to be provided necessary infrastructure of world standard as wess as have to be trained in ascientific manner. Spoprtsmen and women in additon have to be acquainted with new rules and regulations of the games and event as per international atandards and norms. Shivaji University, Kolhapur is well known at International and National level for producing outstanding sportsmen & women in Wrestling, Shooting, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Malkhamb, Table-Tennis, Swimming Athletics and Cricket. the need of the hour is provide these students and nurture local talents by providing sports faciliites of international standards.

The Sports Department is focusing strongly and improving coaching techniques, modern scientific approaches and the development of infrastructure.

In future more attaintion shall be given to generates sportsman to complete the Inter National Competition.


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