Department of Psychology


Criminal and forensic psychology is a newly emerging branch. Criminal psychology studies everything that is related to criminal behavior – this includes the thought processes, intentions, motivations and reactions of criminals. Forensic psychology uses the principles and teachings of psychology and applies them to the criminal and justice system the intent is to develop a more thorough and well rounded criminal justice system. If the students of the department become well equipped with this knowledge will have scope in many areas, they can use their expertise to consult with law enforcement personnel on various aspects of case, they may conduct research which has far-reaching practical implications on the study of criminology and the legal processes they can appear in court to provide expert witness testimony. They may be asked to provide psychotherapy for people that have committed crimes.
Department of psychology intends to create students, who have more placement opportunities. It also envisions researching the area of criminal and forensic psychology by the departmental faculty. Hope in the near future our department makes a mark in the field of criminal and forensic psychology.

Brief History of the Department 
Department of psychology was established at Shivaji University in the academic year 2018-2019. The responsibility of the department was handed over to Prof. (Dr.) Bharati Patil. The department was started with 20 students’ intake capacity on self supporting mode, Shri Amol Kamble was appointed on CHB as Asst. Professor, in the first year itself 14 students took admission, in the same year it was resolved by the Board of Studies that at the department of psychology, criminal and forensic psychology would be the specialization. According the syllabi for MA part II was drafted after approval of authorities, it was implemented in the year 2019-20. Meanwhile two posts of Asst. Professors were created by the University for the Department of psychology. In June 2019 these posts were filled and Dr. Ashwini Patil and Shri Amol Kamble were recruited. In the due course Miss Sakshi Gavade and Mr. Milind Sawant was appointed as Asst. Prof on CHB to fulfill the workload. The department is functioning smoothly and is marching the objectives it has set


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