Department of Geography
Ongoing / Completed Projects & Funding

Departmental Projects Ongoing:


Departmental Projects Completed:


Sanctioned Period

Amount  (Rs. In Lakh)

DST-FIST (Phase-I)












Total Grants Received

143.0 Lakh



Individual Research Projects Ongoing:

Sr. No. Investigator (PI) Project Title Year Duration Amount (Rs.) Funding Agency
3 Dr. P.T. Patil An Assessment of Potential Road Accident Sites and Optimal Path Analysis for Kolhapur District using Geospatial Technology 2022-24 2 Years 8,00,000 ICSSR, Govt. of India
2 Dr. S. Dandapath Climate Change & Extreme Weather Events in Western Maharashtra 2022-24 2 Years 1,20,000 Shivaji University, Kolhapur
1 Dr. J.B. Sapkale Role of Vegetated Coastal Habitats and Estuarine Ecosystem to Manage Blue Carbon Sequestration: Analysis of Climate Change impacts and Hydrological Processes in Gad Estuary (Maharashtra) Using Geospatial Techniques and Hydrological Models 2019-22 3 Years 32,44,784 DST-SERB, Govt. of India


Individual Research Projects Completed:

Sr. No. Investigator (PI) Project Title Year Duration Amount (Rs.) Funding Agency
30 Dr. V.A. Chaougule Land Degradation and Within Channel Siltation of Achara River Maharashtra 2015-17 2 Years 75,000 UGC, Govt. of India
29 Dr. S.S. Panhalakar Hydrodynamic Modeling of Panchgnaga River Flood Using Geoinformatics Techniques 2013-16 3 Years 19,08,000 NRDMS, DST, Govt. of India
28 Dr. P.T. Patil An Assessment of Industrial Location and Practice of industrial Re-Location for Suger Industrues in Kolhapur District 2012-14 2 Years 1,40,000 UGC, Govt. of India
27 Dr. M.B. Potdar Development of Eco-Tourism a Western Ghat of South Maharashtra: A Geographical Analysis 2012-14 2 Years 6,36,400 ICSSR, Govt. of India
26 Dr. J.B. Sapkale The Socio-Economic and Environmental Effects of Chandoli (Warana) Damand the Problem of Displaced People: A Case Study of Warana Basin, Maharashtra 2012-14 2 Years 6,20,275 ICSSR, Govt. of India
25 Dr. C.T. Pawar Watershed Development and Management in Hiranyakeshi Basin (Maharashtra): A Geoinformatic Approach 2011-14 3 Years 12,52,452 UGC, Govt. of India
24 Dr. P.T. Patil Impact of Water Percolation Tank on Groundwater Level and Cropping Pattern: A Geographical Analysis 2009-11 2 Years 1,05,000 UGC, Govt. of India
23 Dr. S.K. Pawar Tribal Core and Peripheries and Their Literacy Status in Maharashtra: A Geographical Analysis 2009-10 1 Year 66,000 UGC, Govt. of India
22 Dr. M.B. Potdar Problems and Prospects of Tourism in Kolhapur 2009-11 3 Years 6,86,000 UGC, Govt. of India
21 Dr. D.H. Pawar Chakreshwarwadi- Possibilities of Ancient Civilization: and Exploration in Geo-Culture and Geomorphological Studies 2008-11 3 Years 60, 000 UGC, Govt. of India
20 Dr. S.S. Panhalakar Potential of Roof Rain Water Harvesting and Watershed Management in Vedganga Basin (Maharashtra) 2008-10 2 Years 62,000 UGC, Govt. of India
19 Dr. J.B. Sapkale Silt Excavation Activities for Brick Kilns and Its Impact on Panchganga River of Kolhapur District, Maharashtra (Between Prayag-Chikhali and Pune-Benglore Highway) 2008-09 1 Year 69,000 Shivaji University, Kolhapur
18 Dr. J.B. Sapkale Geomorphic Measurments and Morphological Changes After a Flood in Bhogavati Channel (Between Laxmibai Resorvoir to Prayag) 2007-11 4 Years 8,000 Shivaji University, Kolhapur
17 Dr. D.H. Pawar Mapping of Tourist Points of Interest in Kolhapur District With an Application of GPS 2007-10 3 Years 7,000 Shivaji University, Kolhapur
16 Dr. K.C. Ramotra Status of Tribal Well Being in North Western Part of Maharashtra : A Geographical Analysis 2006-09 3 Years 5,47,200 UGC, Govt. of India
15 Dr. C.T. Pawar Land Degradation, Land Conservation and Improvement in Panchganga Basin (Maharashtra): A Geo-Ecological Analysis 2006-09 3 Years 8,79,600 UGC, Govt. of India
14 Dr. A.S. Jadhav Precision Farming in South Dakota State, USA 1994-96 2 Years $75,000 USDA, USA
13 Dr. A.S. Jadhav Land use and Erosion Studies: A Geomorphological Approach Using Remote Sensing and GIS 1994-96 2 Years $5,000 ORS/SDSU, USA
12 Dr. A.S. Jadhav Geomorphological Studies for Resources Inventory in Panchaganga Basin Using Remote Sensing Techniques 1993-97 4 Years 6,500 UGC, Govt. of India
11 Dr. A.S. Jadhav Application of Remote Sensing Techniques in Geomorphological Studies in Parts of Nimar District 1990-97 7 Years 3,000 Shivaji University, Kolhapur
10 Dr. M.G. Jadhav Greenhouse Technology Farming in Sangli District: A Geographical Analysis 1988-92 4 Years 3,14,000 UGC, Govt. of India
9 Dr. M.G. Jadhav Impact of Rural Electrification on Agriculture: A Case Study of Kolhapur District 1985-87 2 Years 5,000 UGC, Govt. of India
8 Dr. C.T. Pawar Regional Disparities in Irrigation Development: A Case Study of Maharashtra 1983-85 2 Years 1,500 Shivaji University, Kolhapur
7 Dr. K.S. More Landuse Pattern and Landuse capability Studies in South Maharashtra's Western Ghat 1983-86 3 Years 1,60,000 Dapt. of Environment, Forest and Wildlife, Govt. of India
6 Dr. C.T. Pawar Irrigation and its Impact on Agriculture Landuse in Upper krishna Basin (Maharashtra):A Geographical Analysis 1978-81 3 Years 2,500 UGC, Govt. of India
5 Dr. K.S. More Food Production and Nutrition in Maharashtra 1978-81 3 Years 2,000 Shivaji University, Kolhapur
4 Dr. K.S. More Changing Pattern of Agriculture Landuse in Kolhapur District (Maharashtra) 1978-80 2 Years 2,500 UGC, Govt. of India
3 Dr. M.G. Jadhav Agro-Industries In Sangli District: A Geographical Analysis 1976-78 2 Years 2,500 UGC, Govt. of India
2 Dr. K.S. More Landuse Efficiency in Upper Krishna Basin- A Geographical Analysis 1974-77 3 Years 1,500 Shivaji University, Kolhapur
1 Dr. K.S. More Urbanization in Ratnagiri District 1969-72 3 Years 5,000 Shivaji University, Kolhapur

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