Department Of Bio-Technology
Research Area


Neurodegenerative Diseases
•    Parkinson’s disease (PD) and Alzheimer’s disease (AD)






•    Micro propagation of endangered species from Western Ghats.
•    Studies on mutational breeding of two local rice land races (Kala Jirga and AjaraGhansal) and genetic diversity of different land races by using different markers. Studies were undertaken on aroma synthesisin the cell cultures of two varieties of rice (Kala Jirga and AjaraGhansal).

•    Phytoremediation of toxic textile dyes.
•    Cost effective and eco-friendly bioremediation of feather waste and crab shell.

•    Molecular systematics in plant evolutionary studies.
•    Genetic diversity of different species by using molecular markers.

•    The work on transcriptome analysis for understanding genes responsible for the rice aroma synthesis.
•    Untargeted and targeted metabolomic analysis of the medicinal plants for biomarker discovery and pathway analysis (Swertia,Clusiaceaefamily)
•    Isolation, cloning and expression studies on Laccase.

Clinical Research
•    Epidemiological information of Dengue virus strains by PCR / RT PCR and its effect on virulence, clinical presentation and outcome of management of Dengue Fever at Aster Aadhar Hospital, Kolhapur.
•    Co-relation of biochemical markers of Pre eclampsia / pregnancy induced hypertension in high risk cases and control population and its association with severity of the disease.
•    Feasibility of separation and identification of Cell free fetal DNA in maternal blood and its potential use as Marker for Trisomy 18.

Enzyme kinetics
•    Inhibition studies of tyrosinase and acetylcholinesterase
•    Association and dissociation kinetics by using different substrates 












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