Department of Zoology

The Department has excelled in its research standards and faculty offers guidance for M. Phil. and Ph.D. programs under identified thrust areas in

  1. Biodiversity and Bioresource management
  2. Animal Physiology and toxicology
  3. Cell stress, hormesis 
  4. Dissemination of tasar culture and silkworm disease management

Till June, 2014,  186 candidates have been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.), 62 M. Phil. and 30 M. Sc. (By research) degrees have been awarded. Presently 41 candidates are pursing for their Ph. D. and 1 for M. Phil. Department has published 35 books, 700 research papers in journals of National and International repute and 850 papers were read at National and International conferences/ workshops, symposia and seminars.

The Department to its credit has conferences/ workshops, symposia, seminars, exhibitions and refresher courses.


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