Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension
Mission Goals


Accepting the philosophy of the lifelong learning as the part of the total educational programme. 

1.    Strengthening process of Human Recourse Development through continuing education programmes.
2.    Strengthening process of self-learning society.
3.    Emphasis would be on expanding e-learning activities.
4.    Conducting programmes to strengthen participatory democracy.
5.    Establishing network to carry out activities of Human Value Education.
6.    Making people aware about environmental issues by conducting awareness programmes.
7.    Strengthening student counseling, placement, career guidance.
8.    Emphasis on women segment for their overall development.
9.    A special attention to develop life-skills for Senior Citizens.  

Core Values of the Department:
1.    Bridging the gap between formal and in-formal education.
2.    Reaching to the deprived groups for the purpose of providing educational opportunities.
3.    Providing the learning facilities according to community needs, problems and issues matching educational content relevant to the learners and community needs.
4.    Attending major development issues such as literacy, dropout, non enrollment in primary schools, bounded labour, child labour and human rights etc.
5.    Providing vocational education and skill based courses, e-learning programmes to generate employment opportunities to everyone.
6.    A special attention is given to develop life-skills for Senior Citizens and solve their day to day difficulties by providing social services.
7.    Imbibing National values such as liberty, equality, justice, secularism, national integration, brotherhood, learn to live together, observance of democratic practices and help democratic process become strong, environmental awareness, empowerment of women and population consciousness etc.


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