Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension
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The Department was established in 1984 formerly known as the Department of Adult and Continuing and Extension Work, now renamed as Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension from 1st March, 2017 according to MPU Act 2016. 

Department has played a vital role in meeting the challenges of high incidence of illiteracy, large unemployment and traditional bound attitude of the masses which constitute formidable obstacles in the path of programmes. The main aim to conduct these programmes was to produce not only skilled and unskilled labour, but also a good quality of workforce. These courses developed and enrich the potential of local human resources, particularly women and disadvantage groups, so that they can start their own enterprises. This help in uplifting their social and economic status in the society. While devising these courses, a special emphasis has been given to local needs, locally available material, existing skills of local groups and new skills, knowledge and techniques. 

Emphasis had also been given on women segment of the society, so that women are able to start their own business, their by increasing their family income. To make these programmes successful, the department has interacted with the community to understand the problems of the local people. These programmes were specially developed to provide training in crafts, both as a hobby and as a means to economic betterment.

The department has adopted new approach in establishing links with the society through these programmes, which are need-based, flexible and cater to a large number of people with diverse needs.

The Department had taken care to reach to the last man of the society through its activities. In changed scenario efforts are need to be made in reaching to unreached through educational activities and make the unreached persons capable of facing the challenges. 








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