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Best Department Award MDP at Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur- 18/02/2022




Yashwantrao Chavan was the founder of this University. His idea of agro-industrial co-operative commonwealth is in fact brought into practice in Maharashtra. He acknowledged this as an urge for the State’s future development. The YCSRD is proposed to be established in the Shivaji University campus as one of the affiliated schools for conducting academic, research, training and extension activities associated with the rural development and rural management. It is a multidisciplinary school covering all disciplines of science, technology, social sciences, agricultural sciences, trade and managerial subjects. It is proposed to conduct the PG Courses, PG Diploma and Certificate courses for the benefit of the wide range of the students and employees of the Government and private sectors. Professionalizing the rural organization calls for matching the specific but unmet needs of the sector with the formal techniques and skills of development professionals.

The YCSRD is proposed for upholding and fostering the values of creativity, integrity and excellence for rural development and rural management.

Our thrust in setting up the YCSRD is to achieve the goals on the basis of the following objectives;

  1. To serve as a national and regional hub of knowledge connectivity for rural development by networking a set of regional hubs or the regional platforms for knowledge connectivity based on the consideration of agro-climatic regions;
  2. To support development of plans and policies for rural development by research, training and demonstration and create functioning packages of social and physical technologies and economic policy strategies for various agro-climatic regions;
  3. To facilitate the development of techno-managerial cadres needed for the rural development plans of the country and to this end create innovative academic programmes. At the same time, evolve HRD package (including training) suitable for the development of each region;
  4. To help in working out Science and Technology intervention modules, particularly for the development leap-frogging of the backward regions by synergizing the resources that are available with various stake-holders like UGC, ICAR, CSIR, industries, ISRO, NGOs and the private sector institutions.
  5. To help create special institutional structures and schemes for nurturing the leadership in regional development/agripreneurship with special focus on the most backward and drought regions;
  6. To sponsor creation of new ‘regional rural development centre’, with networking of institutional-mix feasible for non-availability of the requisite infrastructure and skills at present.



YCSRD would be one of the premier institutions involved in empowering the youth for rural development and rural management in the country.  YCSRD’s mission is to promote sustainable and the equitable socio-economic development of rural people through professional management. 


YCSRD will strive to achieve the following goals by;

  1. Creating new trained professionals for rural development with the appropriate values, identities and principles;   
  2. Helping rural organizations and institutions in professionalizing their development outlook;   
  3. Empowering rural masses along with women and weaker section in the rural society through inclusive, self-sustaining and self –sufficient processes;   
  4. Building new knowledge of rural development and practice through action-oriented and problem-solving research and consultancy services;   
  5. Assessing the public policies and orientation activities; 
  6. Providing training and extension programmes for the students, employees of Govt and Private sectors and researchers in rural development and rural management. 


Our Programme:
         1.  Mater of Social Work
         2.  Master of Rural Studies
         3.  M. C. A. (Science)
         4.  M. B. A. (Rural Management)
         5.  M.TECH. (Rural Technology)


Contact us
Dr. Nitin C. Mali,  
I/C- Director, 
Yashwantrao Chavan School of Rural Development,
Shivaji University, Kolhapur - 416004
Office: 0231 260 9437. 
Email: ycsrd@unishivahi.ac.in 
Web: www.unishivaji.ac.in





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