Department Of Applied Chemistry

M. Sc. Course Applied Chemistry is a potential base provided by the Shivaji University, on the university campus to educate and prepare post graduate students from rural and urban area who will get employment on large scale in field of  education, industries and research etc. In order to enhance quality education standards and skilled training to the post graduate students, well organized and planned efforts of the Department of Applied Chemistry will meet the global standards in post graduate teaching, research and training programmes.

One of the objectives of M. Sc. course in Applied Chemistry is to meet the needs and requirements of the modern society in a focused area to solve the humanities top most problems like energy, materials, food, water and environment for coming decades. M.Sc. course in Applied Chemistry will provide broad common frame work of syllabus to expose young graduates to the recent and applied knowledge of interdisciplinary branches of the chemistry namely organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, industrial, pharmaceutical, nanoscience and technology. M. Sc. Applied Chemistry will lead to higher level of knowledge base which will be useful for career development in higher education, academic fields as well as opportunities in industrial (chemical and pharma) and corporate fields.


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