Requirements of hardware and software


  1. Operating system -  Microsoft Platform Windows98 and above.
  1. CD-ROM should be installed in the operating system
  1. To view the contents of CD the Internet Explorer (Browser) and Acrobat Reader software is required.
  2. If you don't have Acrobat Reader,  Please click here to download the same via internet.
  3. Save the Acrobat Reader setup on your computer and run the setup to install Acrobat Reader. 

 Instructions: (How to open a CD?)

  1. After inserting the CD in CD-ROM, the operating system will automatically run the auto-exe (executable file) and system will display the faculty wise syllabi. Click on the respective faculty to open syllabus.
  2. Please use only A-4 size paper for printing syllabus.
  3. If, the auto-exe (executable file) doesn’t works, then follow the instructions.
  • Double click on My-Computer icon of desktop
  • Right click on Shivaji University icon and select Explore option to browse the CD contents.
  • Double Click on index.htm file of CD to view the faculty wise syllabi.

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