Date Particulars
16-09-2021 Value Added Course 2021-22
25-08-2021 BCA and MCA Letter
25-08-2021 LL.B. Five Year Sem - IV Structure (Environmental Studies)
11-08-2021 बी.ए.भाग 3 मधील अंतर्गत मूल्यांकन संदर्भात एकसमान स्वरूपाचा निर्णय घेण्याबाबत
06-08-2021 १० गुणांच्या सक्तीच्या शारीरिक शिक्षण परीक्षे बाबत 
06-08-2021 शैक्षणिक वर्ष २०२०- २१ बीए भाग 1, 2 व ३ साठी ऐच्छिक शारीरिक शिक्षण विषयाच्या प्रात्यक्षिक परीक्षा बाबत.
05-08-2021 Generic Elective M. Sc.Part 2
05-08-2021 M.Sc Part II Sem IV Generic Elective Paper list
05-07-2021 Regarding Swayam Courses
14-06-2021 Regarding the generic elective course offered by Department of Statistics
03-05-2021 M.Phil.PhD. Covering Letter        M.Phil/ Ph.D Course Work Structure and Standard of passing all Subject 
26-03-2021 Regarding the Statute 548
12-02-2021 Circular Regarding SWAYAM Courses Jan-2021      For PG Courses- 46     For UG Courses - 78
19-11-2020 Regarding Grade Point Scale System CGPA for CBCS Programs all Courses under the all Faculties.
22-09-2020 Fee Letter
18/07/2020 SWAYAM MOOC's Online Courses Regulation for All UG Courses- 20
17-07-2020 Regarding M.A. Russian Entrance
28/02/2020  All Faculty Draft Syllabus  20-21
31/01/2020  Regarding SWAYAM Courses 2020
09/01/2020 Approved Corrected Tuition fee structure (Annexure - I) UG and PG Courses 2020-21


Approved Fee Structure of unaided  UG and PG Courses -2020-21

06/12/19 Approved Other Fees expect lab fee & Tuition fee
23/09/2019   Revised circular regarding 3 Year / 5 Year Law

Common Nature of Question Paper Of  B.A. Part II 2019      

23-08-2019 Revised Eligibility Criteria for PGDND 2019
22/08/2019 MHRD Scheme on Global Initiative on Academic Network (GAIN)
01/08/2019    Guidelines for preparing approved List of Journals
22/07/2019    Regarding M. Phil/ Ph. D. Coursework
10/07/2019    Regarding extension to B. C. A. Part - I Syllabus
03/07/2019   Regarding 3 Year/ 5 Year Law
04/07/2019   Regarding SWAYAM courses
15/06/2019    Regarding M. Sc. Computer Science and M. C. A. Entrance syllabus
19/06/2019    Regarding opportunities to B. Pharm. students
22/04/2019    Meeting Schedule for the academic year 2019-20 and item for the meetings of respective Faculties/ B. O. S./ Ad-hoc Board
26/02/2019   Regarding Rules and Regulations of M. Tech. Part I & II
04/02/2019   Regarding draft syllabus
22/01/2019   Regarding draft syllabus
16/01/2019 Order regarding Board of Studies of subjects under the respective Faculties
16/01/2019    Draft of B. A. Part II (Economics) syallbus : Suggset changes if any
14/01/2019   Regarding minor changes in B. Sc. Part I (Sem II) Chemistry Paper-III (Physical Chemistry)
12/01/2019    Regarding Value added courses
04/01/2019    Regarding undergraduate gradation chart
01/01/2019   Regarding posters of SWAYAM - MOOCs (Massive Open Online courses)
10/12/2018   Regarding Skill Development Courses (SDC) SIM
26/11/2018   Minor changes in Nature of Question paper of M. A. Part - I English : 2018
05/11/2018   Regarding Non - Grant Structure
05/10/2018   Regarding minor changes in Structure of B. Sc. III Food Processing and Packaging under Faculty of Science and Technology
01/10/2018    CBCS B. Com. Nature of Question Paper : 2018
25/09/2018     Regarding CBCS B. A. Nature of Question Paper
30/08/2018  Value Added Courses : 2018
14/08/2018    Regarding Nature of Question paper of CBCS B. Sc. Part - I
13/08/2018   Regarding SWAYAM MOOC's Coures
25/07/2018   Regarding M. Sc. Environmental Science with NET/ SET Environmental Science or Ph. D. Environmental Science
20/07/2018   Regarding syllabi of MSW Part II (YCSRD) and minor ceorrection in Structure and syllabi (MSW) Part I
20/07/2018    Regarding Revised syllabi of P. G. Diploma in Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy
20/07/2018    Regarding change in nomenclature and syllabi of B. A. Part I (Dress making and Fashion Co-ordination)
20/07/2018    Regarding change in Nomenclature of BJ and MJ
11/07/2018   Regarding Minor Changes in Paper No. VI in P. G. Diploma in Economics
11/07/2018    Regarding B. Des. Syllabus
11/07/2018    Regarding CBCS B. Lib. & M. Lib. Syllabus
05/07/2018    Regarding MRS syllabus
07/07/2018    Regarding extension of B. C. A. - I syllabus
28/06/2018  M.Sc., M.C.A., Diploma, P.G.Diploma, and B.Sc. syllabus Letter 2018
26/06/2018   Regarding Change in Nomenclature of Engineering Programme 
25/06/2018   B. A. Part - I (Sem I & II) CBCS Syllabus
22/06/2018  B.Com. Par-I (Sem I & II) CBCS Syllabus
21/06/2018    B. Sc. Part - I (Sem I & II) CBCS Syllabus
19/06/2018    Regarding B. C. A. Course
19/06/2018    Regarding Syllabi of M. Sc. Part - I
13/06/2018   M. Sc. Food Science and Technology Eligibility Criteria
07/06/2018 Regarding Eligibility of Bachelor of Design (B. Des.) : 2018
01/06/2018    CBCS B. A. Programme
01/06/2018    CBCS B. Com. Programme
01/06/2018    CBCS B. Sc. Programme
10/04/2018  Format for Fee Structure of Non-grantable Courses
03/04/2018  Meeting Schedule of Board of Studies

 Draft of B. A., B. Com. B. Sc. under CBCS pattern Guidelines, Structure & Rules - Regulations

   1. B. A.          2. B. Com.         3. B. Sc.

17/01/2018   Regarding change/ Restructure in nomenclature of some degrees
12/07/2017  All Faculties UG Syllabi Extension Letter 2017-18


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