University Science Instrumentation Center



a) Repairs and Maintenance of equipment: 


b) Analytical instrument facility:


c) Workshop and training programs:

This center conducts workshop/training programs on Analytical instrumental techniques and on Repairs and Maintenance of Laboratory instruments for teachers and research students and for technical staff of university and affiliated colleges. This center now plans to start handon training program on analytical instruments for M. Sc.  and Ph.D. students. 

 Conducts Awareness Program for PG and UG science students of university departments as well as university affiliated colleges.

 Provides AMC of the Printer and AC/Fridge to university departments and sections  

In addition to regular repairs/maintenance of equipment’s, we conduct a practicals for technology department first year students


d) CBCS Courses:

USIC has started two choice based credit courses vih.1. Thin film deposition technology (credit-4)

2. Modern analytical instruments (credit-4) for all M. Sc. II year students. 







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