"A" Re-accredited by NAAC(2014) with CGPA-3.16

Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Physics Instrumentation Facility Centre (PIFC)

Vidyanagar, Kolhapur - 416004


Physics Instrumentation Facility Centre (PIFC) was established at the Department of Physics, Shivaji University in the year 2012 to provide characterization facilities for researchers working in science and technology field.

PIFC is supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DST-PURSE, DST-FIST I & II) and University Grants Commission (UGC-DRS SAP I & II, UGC-DRS ASIST, UGC-DSA Phase I & II) programmes, Government of India, New Delhi.

The PIFC houses a variety of major analytical instruments operated and maintained by a group of skilled research scholars working in the department. Prof. C. H. Bhosale is the director and Prof. C. D. Lokhande is the coordinator of PIFC.