Finance Section
Working of Sections under Finance and Accounts department


Working of Finance Department is divided in following sections –

  1. Receipt Section
  2. Cheque Section
  3. Cashbook Section
  4. Pay bills and Provident Fund Section
  5. Examination Bills Section
  6. Works and General Bills Section
  7. P.G. Bills Section
  8. T.A.D.A. Bills Section
  9. Internal Audit Section
  10. Budget Section
  11. Stores Section
  12. Stock verification Section
  13. Publication Section

Receipt Section

  • To prepare receipts of all money receivedin the form of cash including cheques, demand drafts, postal orders, blank receipt books etc.
  • To deposit cash, cheques, Demand Drafts in bank
  • To maintain daily receipt register
  • Reconciliation of receipts with banks
  • Printing and distribution of receipt books
  • To prepare fee structure of various courses

Cheque Section

  • Custody and accounting of cheque books and other valuables.
  • To draw cheques for all types of payments.
  • To maintain ChequeDrawn Register.
  • Drawl of fresh cheques in lieu of lost cheques.
  • Delivery of cheques.

Cashbook Section

  • Cash payments at cash counter through cashier.
  • Custody and maintenance of all voucher files and theinvestment receipts.
  • Maintenance of Cashbook and voucher files.
  • Responsibility of audit.
  • All theUtilisation Certificates.
  • Reconciliation of receipt and expenditure.
  • Annual Accounts.
  • Registers maintained viz.
    1. Cheque/DD/IPO, credited but not realized
    2. Consolidated Receipt / Payment Account
    3. Budget Head wise Receipt-Payment
    4. Bank Transactions
    5. Bank wise Receipt / Payment
    6. Date wise Bank Abstract
    7. Budget Group wise Consolidated Receipt
    8. Budget Group wise Detailed Receipt
    9. Budget GroupWise Consolidated Payment
    10. Budget Group wise Detailed Payment
    11. Cheque Issued but not encashed
    12. Budget wise Daily Cash/Bank Receipt
    13. Budget head wise bank Payment for the date
    14. Department wise Receipt (Form No.31)
    15. Department wise Payment
    16. Income Tax Deducted Report

Pay bills and Provident Fund Section

  • Timely preparation of monthlypay billsof all the employees including daily wages, honorary teachers, chair professors, co-ordinators, honorarium to doctors, law advisors, C.H.B. teachers, wages of the students under ‘Earn and Learn Scheme’ and fellowships.
  • Disbursement of Provident Fund Advances/ Withdrawals.
  • Supplementary bills such as - Leave Travel Concession Bills, Leave Encashment Bills, 10% additional charges Bills, Medical Reimbursement Bills, Arrears Bills.
  • TDS and Income Tax Returns.
  • Issue of Income Tax Form No.16.

Examination Bills Section

  • Timely preparation of advance bills andadvance recoupment bills pertaining to Examination Department.
  • Scrutiny and prepare vouchers for payment of advances to examinationcentres, colleges, CAP Centres and employees attending confidentialexamination work of university.
  • Advance adjustment bills.
  • Maintain a register for the advances paid for examinationwork.

Works and General Bills Section

  • Scrutiny of claims and preparation of vouchers, of following departments -(i) Engineering (ii) General Administration (iii) BCUD(iv) Finance (v) Examination (vi) Guest House(vii) Hostels (viii)Student Welfare (ix) NSS(x) Internet (xi) Computer Centre (xii) Garden(xiii) Vehicle (xiv)Health Centre (xv) Sanitary(xvi) Press.
  • Necessary preliminary checks like budget provision, administrative approval andarithmetical accuracy.
  • Issue of Certificates of various deductions likeIncome Tax, Surcharge, Education Cess, VAT etc.
  • Deposit refund claims of hostel, library, laboratory and refund of educational fees.
  • Insurance of University Property including building,equipments& machinery.
  • Maintaining Advance Register.

P.G. Bills Section

  • Scrutiny of claims and preparation of vouchers ofall Academic departments, Funding Agencies, Bank of India Chair, BhagwanMahavir Chair, Shivaji University Merit Scholarship, Teachers’ Personal LibraryScheme, Research & Development fund, Depreciation Fund, ShriR.N.GodboleChair, SantTukaramMaharaj Chair, Dr.BabasahebAmbedkar Chair, Fine ArtsFaculty, PLA 180, RajarshiShahu Research Centre .
  • All deductions at sourcelike Income Tax, Surcharge, Education Cess, VAT, Security Deposits etc.
  • Refund of examination and other fees pertaining to above departments.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Committee.
  • Issue of Central Excise Duty and Custom Duty Exemption certificates.
  • Annual Rate Contract of Chemicals, Glasswares.

T.A.D.A. Bills Section

  • Scrutiny and passing of all travelling allowanceclaims.

Internal Audit Section

  • Scrutiny and passing of all the vouchers received from Exam Bills, PG Bills, Pay Bills, General & Works Bills, Stores,Cash Book, Cheque and Budget sections.
  • Onward submissionof passed bills to Cheque Section/Cashier for drawl of cheque/cash payment.

Budget Section

  • Preparation of Annual and Revised Budget.
  • Maintain record of the Finance andAccounts Committee Meetings.
  • To deal with all the re-appropriation cases.
  • To maintain R&D Fund and Depreciation Fund accounts.
  • Scheduling of Budget Meetings.

Stores Section

  • All the purchases as per the demand of the variousdepartments/sections of the University.
  • Maintain computerised formats as prescribed from time totime.
  • Conducting Meeting of PurchaseCommittee, Sales Committee and Furniture Committee, Technical Committee.

Stock verification Section

  • Physical verification of theassets of all the University departments and sections.
  • Submission of Physical verification reports to authorities.
  • Write-off Committee/Write-off Sub Committee meetings.

Publication Section

  • Maintenance, distribution and sale of university publications.
  • Planning for printing / reprinting of text books.
  • Monthly Reconciliation of sale proceeds with stock register.
  • Write off of the out dated stocks.


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