Department of Micro-Biology
Lecture of the Month Series



Sr. No. Name of Lecture Date Speaker
1 General Views on Geo-science 25/01/2014 Prof. (Dr). N. J. Pawar
2 Indian Feminism 22/02/2014 Prof. Bharti Patil
3 Communication Skill 20/09/2014 Dr. A. M. Sarawade
4 Indian Constitutional: an introduction 26/11/2014 Mr. D. B. Jadhav
5 Microbiology- Industrial Application and Preparation for Interview 28/02/2015 Mr. Kuldip K. Kamble,
6 Prospects in Microbial Biotechnology 25/04/2015 Prof.(Mrs.) Tanzima Yasmin,
Rajshahi University, Dhaka,
7 Guidance for Facing Interviews after M.Sc. 01/05/2015 Mr. Swaroop Kulkarni
8 Opportunities in Higher Studies of Competitive Exams 23/08/2015 Prof. (Dr). S. P. Govindwar
9 Recent trends in Biotechnology 12/09/2015 Prof. (Dr). A. M. Deshmukh
10 Career Guidance and opportunities after M.Sc. 16/01/2016 Mr. Prasanna Karmarkar
11 Art of living Introduction 25/01/2016 Dr. Anita Dahibhate
12 Demo of Sigma plot and Systat 13/07/2016 Mr. Azhar Vllah Khan,
13 Microbiology and community 27/08/2016 Mrs. Sanyuta Chandratre
14 Jinku Dahi Disha 24/09/2016 Prof. T.R. More
15 Quality Control in Pharmaceutical Industries 27/09/2016 Mr. Ravindra Mathpati, Cipla
16 Indian Constitution 26/11/2016 Mr. Deepak Jadhav
17 Opportunities in field of Industrial Microbiology 23/01/2017 Mr. Nilesh N. Gadekar, Dubai
18 Experience in pharmaceutical Industry 19/05/2017 Mr. Samar V. Anpat,
Bharat Serum, Ambernath
19 Personality Development and concentration 20/09/2017 Mr. Arjun D. Koli
20 In-silico approach to Bioremediation and Career Opportunities in South Korea 21/10/2017 Dr. Suresh Penneerselvam,
South Korea
21 Quality control, Environmental monitoring and Sterility testing 28/10/2017 Mr. Akibjawed G. Naikwadi, Cipla
22 Research and opportunities in life science 04/11/2017 Dr. Gajanan S. Gholake,
South Korea
23 Career opportunities in Pharma industries 11/06/2018 Mr. Dayanand B. Jadhav , Emcure Pharmaceuticals
24 Role of Microorganisms in Agriculture 11/08/2018 Mr. P. R. Chiplunkar


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