Bhagawan Mahavir Chair


Bhagvan Mahaveer Chair was established in the year 2005 to mark 2500 years of Birth of Bhagvan Mahveer. The goal of the Chair is to disseminate the Social, Political and religious Ideas of Mahaveer among the people and to start specialized Courses in Jainolgy. The Chair has been receiving good financial support from different sections of the society. At present, there is one Professor and one Research Assistant. It is conducting Certificate and Post-graduate Diploma Courses in Jainology. The chair has organized National Leval Seminars, Workshops and a number of Lectures of the prominent persons on important themes. One Research Project is completed and one is in progress.

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Chair is established to carry out research in Jainology and to publish the important manuscripts of Jain Philosophy as the University Library has a rare collection of ancient manuscripts on Jainology.


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